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It Wasn’t Me!

I was exercising this morning and happened to look out the window to see this!  I have had this red glaze ball sitting on a pedestal in the bird bath for many years and not sure who did this.  Could have been Buddy jumping up on it and tipping it over or Remi going through the bushes knocking it down.  Either way, it is done.  Oh well, no harm done really!

Uh, it wasn't me!!

Uh, it wasn't me!

It was Remi!

It was Buddy!

It was Buddy!

I’m a Dirty Girl!

Literally!  We got some rain last week, not as much as some areas but still made the grass grow.  I swear, it was at least 6″ tall!  And because of the rain, more areas that I would mow in the spring are green so I got filthy (again) mowing.  The shower water was black!  I love to see how good the yard looks after mowing.  There will be a reward for me later to enjoy on the back porch – a COLD beer!!


Raccoon eyes!




Handcrafted with Love!

We have a very good friend whose daughter graduated from high school this year and in the announcement said that she would be attending a local cosmotology school in the Fall.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her as far as a graduation gift.  I pretty much knew that I would have to go online to get the items I needed, and sure enough I did.  After I got all my pieces together and a failed attempt to put them on what I was making (my fault as I am VERY particular), I finally finished the product today – a charm bracelet with cosmotology charms!!  I also wanted to add some personal touches so I put her initial and birthstone along with a couple of encouragement pieces.  I plan on arranging to have lunch with her and her mom to give her the gift, hope she likes it!


DSC03461 DSC03462 DSC03463


I LOVE Morning Glories and every year, I plant some and then have some wild ones come up.  These blue ones are probably my favorites, they are called Heavenly Blue.  I noticed a couple of them have a two tone to them.



DSC03459 DSC03460

Blue Moon…..

You left me standing alone – to drink!  I love a Blue Moon beer with orange in it, but I can only have one as it isn’t a light beer.  They are SO good with the orange.  I worked hard today cleaning house and doing laundry – reward time!!



Fresh Out of the Garden

Greg cooked steaks on the grill and our side dish was home grown onion, potatoes and butternut squash.  This was SO good!!


Bling it On!

We went country dancing last night for the first time in about two months!  I was so ready and we had a great time.  I always like to dress nice when we go out as well as be comfortable.  And I have to add my bling!  Turned out the earrings that I just bought were a pain in the patootie – they kept getting hung up in my shirt!



I have been planting these every year for several years – the Moonflower – which is a version of the Morning Glory, except they bloom in the late evening in to the morning.  They have a really nice smell to them too!  This year I planted them to go up my ladder on one side and then on the other I have some Morning Glories planted which haven’t bloomed yet.  I think they are very pretty!!  These pictures were taken around 8:45 PM.

Didn't have the flash turned on

Didn’t have the flash turned on


With flash

With flash


Okra and Eggs

NOTE and UPDATE!  First you saute the okra a little to get it softer and then add the eggs to scramble WITH the okra.  SOOOO good!!


Sounds like a Dr. Suess book huh, but it isn’t.  The first time my hubby mentioned making okra and eggs, I thought – YUK!  I love okra and scrambled eggs, but NOT mixed together!  After I tried it, I couldn’t get enough of it.  Our okra is coming in so my first thought was to make okra and scrambled eggs for dinner tonight.  Also had toasted Sourdough bread and ham – yummy!!!!!!

Okra and eggs

And Klepto Strikes Yet Again!

I walked out on my back porch this morning and discovered this bag of cat food, which is not ours.  I guess when Remi gets bored (or hungry) she goes down the road and steals stuff.  No wonder I can’t get her to lose some weight!!



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