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My life in the country, but I love my bling!

“Mums” the Word

I planted these Mums a couple three weeks ago and they are looking so pretty.  Also took a picture of the Geraniums that I planted before summer and they are blooming again.  Pups were chewing on the bottom of my pants leg while trying to take photos so I had to take one of them too!








But, We Were Just Having Fun!

Right after I started my exercising this morning, I looked out the window to see the pups chewing up one of the cushion’s stuffing, they had it all over.  Then after I was done, one was barking on the back porch and one of them dumped over a plant and was barking at it.  Well, the puppy fun begins!

A dog gone mess!

A dog gone mess!

I sorry

I sorry

They are so Dog Gone Cute!

My computer is in the dining room and I have two large windows to look out of.  The dogs were laying outside on the porch near the windows earlier and I snapped these really cute photos.  I am going to have to keep the camera nearby as so many opportunities come along that I miss!  I also have to be quiet and take photos through the screen or window so they won’t move!  Winny likes to get in the empty flower pot I have on the porch and I know eventually I will have to discipline her so she won’t, but I don’t have the heart to yet.






I want in too!

I want in too!



Remi and Colt


From My Sweetie on my Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday – Happy Birthday to me!  My sweet husband gave me the best card that fit “us” to a T!  Both of the people on the front are in boots and in the country!  I had a wonderful birthday with lots of wishes and birthday cards.  Another year older, but still young!


And the Puppiness Begins……

Walked out this morning to feed the puppies and found this in the driveway.  Guess I better get used to more chewing and destruction!




Yum, that sponge was good!

Yum, that sponge was good!

We Have Babies!!!

Fur babies that is!  We have been wanting another dog since Roscoe’s passing a few months ago, but I wanted to wait and get just the right one.  Some friends of ours have an Australian Shepherd who mated with a Catahoula and they had beautiful babies!  I first saw pictures that were posted on Facebook and loved the coloring of the dogs.  But at the time, they were still to young for give away.  Well, this week my friend sent me a message with pictures that the dogs were ready so we went last night and “looked”.  Oh my gosh, the bundle of puppiness and how precious they are.  I haven’t had puppies in 17 years!!!  I had a really hard time picking between all that was left but narrowed it down to two, the female with one blue and one brown eye and then the “lover”, a male with brown eyes who literally puts his head on your shoulder when you pick him up.  Well the deal was sealed when my hubby said “only one??”  That did it – I took both of them!  So, meet Colt (male) and Winchester (female and Winny for short), 9 weeks old!





Colt 2

Colt 2

Winny 2

Winny 2


Colt Winny


Billowy Clouds

I was sitting outside earlier and I loved the billowy looking clouds – looked like someone swirled them in to the blue sky!


Fall Plantings

I finally got everything planted that we bought on Sunday.  I still want to get some Pansies when they come out and put in several places.  I love this time of year!

Red and Yellow Mums

Red and Yellow Mums



Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle Blush

Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle in Blush


Nandina - two varieties

Nandina – two varieties (Lemon tree is closest)


Nandina – Flirt

Happy First Day of Fall!

I LOVE Fall when the leaves change and the temps get cooler.  I was up early this morning, and I was looking outside while at my computer to see the beautiful sunrise.  My camera does not do this justice.  The rich aqua and peach colors were stunning.  I am so ready for temps like these during the day (and even cooler!).






I’m Ready to Plant!

After church this morning, we went by Lowe’s and picked up some shrubs/plants to put in flower beds.  I had transplanted some Nandina this Spring, but some didn’t make it so am replacing with two that are dwarf sized and have bright red leaves and one that is taller, but has green leaves.  I think that will be a nice contrast.  Also bought 5 mums (red, yellow and white), and a new variety of Crepe Myrtle – Black Diamond.  The foliage on these are “black” instead of the green.  I got the Blush variety, but they come in different colors (see website here).  Our Lowe’s only had the Blush and Red Hot varieties.






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