Trimming it Up!

I don’t think these shrubs have ever been trimmed back since we had the bed put in a few years ago.  I wish I had taken a before picture, but I got outside and started “getting ‘er done”!  It was a job!!  The dwarf Youpons were way overgrown, to the point where I discovered some other shrub that had been planted I forgot about!  I went to the burn pile twice with the trimmings and now this two-tiered bed looks so much cleaner.  I have got to make a point to keep it this way.

This was my reward at the end of the day.  Greg bought me a sampler pack of Blue Moon flavors and this was DEE-licious!!

Happy National Beer Day!

I didn’t know there was such a thing until last night.  Honestly, I don’t NEED a day to celebrate beer!  Anyway, today I mowed the yard and around the property and weedeated in areas.  I love the way it looks afterwards, so neat and clean!  So after all was said and done, I did my duty to drink a beer in honor of National Beer Day!




And, I am Done!

I finally got all the Spring flowers planted and the mulch put down in the flower beds.  YAY!  Now I can enjoy the fruits of my labor (until weeding time again!).


First bloom on the Yellow Knockout!




Newly planted Morning Glories coming up!


I Love Spring!

All the weeding, planting and mulching is DONE in the front flower beds.  I like the way everything turned out.  All that is left to do with other beds is mulching and then I can sit back, relax and admire my HARD work!


My beautiful, cheap rose bushes.  They smell wonderful!



Corkscrew plants, I like because they are quirky!


Spring is Almost Here!

I do believe Spring is my favorite time of year, things are turning green again and flowers are in bloom.  This past summer, Greg bought me two rose bushes.  He said, “If they don’t make it no big deal, they were cheap”.  Typically I don’t do well with “normal” rose bushes, they die on me.  But they prevailed and are doing really well.  The blooms on one are huge and they smell heavenly!


The Coral Drift Rose we planted a year or so ago never stopped blooming, even through the mild winter we had.  The clusters on these are stunning!  They also smell good!


When we were at a dancing event last week, we stopped by this store that we like as they have a really good selection of plants and shrubs.  Greg found this Esperanza (Yellow Bells), but this one is called Bells of Fire – Red!  It is starting to bloom as well.


Happy Early Spring!

Spring Planting

I LOVE Spring, the time to plant new flowers or when old ones start to bloom.  And a time to weed!  We got quite a bit of rain last week so it makes weeding a lot easier.  This year I finally got smart and moved my bird feeders out of a garden as it sure makes a mess and then when it comes time to weed, an even bigger mess.  Took me years to learn, but better late than never!

Started weeding and have a LOT to go!

Bought some new flowers and got them planted this week.  I love color and variety.

Coral Drift Rose and Pink Dianthus 
Cheap Rose bushes that are making it and Marigolds along with Violas planted in the Fall
I LOVE this part of the flower bed, Dianthus and Pansies planted in front of an old windmill blade.  
Tulips will be coming up soon!
Morning Glories coming back from last year
More Marigolds and Dianthus planted

Keeping Warm

It is a little chilly and raining today, in the low 60s.  I was going outside to do something and Colt was snuggled up to Remi to keep warm.  He can be mean to her sometimes (mostly at feeding time) but sure likes her when it is cold!


I had the door open as I was doing something in the garage and Winny likes to peek in and see what is going on.  I don’t know if she spotted Tabitha or not, or was just curious – what’s in there??


Happy March!

We have not had much of a winter this season and from the forecast, looks like more warm weather is headed our way.  These beauties are in full bloom and I love the color.  I do like cold weather, but I think/guess I am ready for Spring!



I love Dianthus in the flower beds.  I found a different color the other day and bought two and planted by the garage where I have purple/yellow violas and my peach Drift Rose.  Also bought some fuschia and white/pink ones.