Happy Thanksgiving

First of all, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers.  I have so much to be thankful for – God, friends and family – in that order.

I am also thankful we have such great neighbors!  I was having computer issues a few weeks ago which resulted in me getting a new computer.  Well, dumbo here thought I had backed up the old one, but I didn’t do the backup correctly so I lost everything on the old computer (the place I took it to did a restore, long story!).  Thankfully, our neighbor was able to recover some photos that were priceless to me.  I have been going through them and came across this photo, which I absolutely love.  Remi, the black lab, Buddy – the most sociable cat I have ever had  – and Bear, my sweet old Bear.  Another thing I am thankful for, we have had some really great fur family.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Remi Buddy Bear


The “Fryer”

Greg told me he wanted to buy this new thing called an Oil-less Turkey Fryer – what??? An oil-LESS fryer, isn’t that like salt free Saltines (which by the way, I do like and buy!).  He said the reviews were really good.  Evidently, this contraption uses a convection like deal that cooks the turkey, chicken or whatever.  He bought some chickens to test this out so stay tuned, we will see if this is all its cracked up to be!

Oil less turkey fryer

Oil less turkey fryer 2

Nature Surviving

Last week, I pulled up the Morning Glories in my flower beds as the leaves were looking pretty pitiful, looking very “leggy”.  This morning I commented to my hubby about how the flowers on the ones that were left are STILL in bloom.  Nature is amazing!



Something to Sink my Teeth In To

I went outside earlier to go to our metal building, and noticed Remi chewing on something across the driveway.  I walked over and it was an Armadillo shell!  Where in the world she got it, I don’t know.  I just let her chew on it, kept her busy anyway!  The scavenger strikes again!



Is It Time Yet??

This time change messes everyone up – including Remi who normally, will be staring at the door starting around 4:30 expecting to be fed.  So around 4:00, I snapped this photo – she is hoping I come out to feed her!


I Wonder What’s Out There?


Tabitha is my indoor cat.  I used to let her out when I worked several years ago, but she would stay on the front porch.  She was declawed when we moved out in the country to our new house as, I was getting new furniture, and she had already shredded the ends of my previous couch.  When I have the windows open, she gets up on the window sill and stares out, longing for the birds that come along.  But, from experience, when you put her outside, she freaks!  She will just have to enjoy the outside from inside – she is content!

Dogs – Sigh

I should have know better with dogs like you,

That you would chew anything you could chew,

And you do, hey hey hey, and you chew!


Yesterday, when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I put some chicken wrappers in a bag, tied it up and then put in the garbage can in the garage, and THEN, put a garbage bag on top of all that.  Guess that didn’t work!  When I went out this morning, this is what I discovered.  There was also garbage strewn out in the garage which I cleaned up.  We are getting much needed rain this morning, so this will have to wait until later for pick up!