Hello Spring!

The weather here the past few days has been stunning and I have been working out in the yard weeding flower beds that look like the jungle!  Still have a little weeding to go, but today, hubby and I went and bought stuff to plant.  First stop was in Independence at the Antique Rose Emporium.  The landscaping there is beautiful.  They are known for their different variety of roses, but you can get other plants as well.  We bought another Popcorn Drift (to replace one that died last year) and a new color – The Sweet Drift.  They are in the ground and I am ready for color!

Popcorn Drift which will look like the color of popcorn!
The Sweet Drift, which according to the picture looks like a pretty pink shade of lipstick!

Then we headed to Brenham to see what else we could find.  My go-to store there is normally Home Depot, but this time they didn’t have anything I had to have.  Next stop – Lowe’s and that is where I went nuts!  I got two deep red Geraniums, various yellow Marigolds, various colors of Dyanthus, Purple Fountain Grass and A Pink Lantana which I have never seen this color before.


I still have mulching to do, but I ran out of steam.  My reward today was this beer we bought for the first time.  It is pretty tasty!


Happy Spring!



I am almost done with the house stuff, the back part of our house, which is rarely used (and my hubby says gypsies could live back there and we would never know it!) is clean!  All that is left to do is vacuum, mop the rest of the house and clean two other bathrooms.

Today I was looking at our built in china cabinet and noticed the shelves were quite dusty.  Also, I decided that I wanted to display some of my parent’s crystal that they had gotten when they got married.  It was handed down to my sister, and when she passed away, I got it and it stayed wrapped up in a box stored away.  I thought it is way too pretty to stay hidden, so I cleaned and rearranged things in the china cabinet and now I can enjoy them.


Years ago my dad had given me some leaded crystal that he had gotten from Czechoslovakia (some of this stuff is heavy!) and it has been displayed in the china cabinet as well, I just organized the pieces better.  And I have my very first Bible that I got for Christmas in 1960 from “Santa” written in gold!


A treasure trove of memories all in one place!

And Another One Done, and Another One Done!

Another room bites the dust!

Remember this room???

Today, I finished our spare bedroom, getting it organized and cleaned up.  Went through the closet, rearranged, got rid of clothes that I haven’t worn in years and discovered I had enough hangers for another whole closet (which I kept a lot of them, I am always looking for hangers!).  The Chenille bedspread was my sister’s, who passed away a few years ago and it was stored in the closet.  I decided to put it on the bed for a change in look and I really like it.  I love Chenille, it is timeless and simple.  Also, went through a ton of Mardi Gras beads that I collected over the years and kept the pink and purple ones for the little girls that come to play (granddaughter and great nieces).  They are their favorite colors.


I still have a huge mess in our living, dining and breakfast room areas.  I found a lot of old photos that I need to go through before I do anything else.  Then it is throw trash away, take things to donate and lastly clean this filthy house!


One Room Done!

Finally, I am done with reorganizing my craft/storage room!  I got rid of stuff and,am going to store some things either in the attic or our metal building.  Our attic has NEVER been used since we moved here 13 1/2 years ago so I am going to take advantage of it.  My craft supplies are more organized.  I used the chest of drawers for all my sewing supplies and then bought two metal shelves and at first, thought I only needed one.  Nope!  I NEEDED both of them.  Now I can see my craft supplies!  Also, organized the closet better and can actually close the doors!


Now, to tackle the spare bedroom!


And The Reorganizing Begins!

Every year, after taking Christmas decorations down, I get in my storage room and reorganize it.  This year, I had my hubby buy me some metal shelves so I could get rid of things I was using for organization (such as an old microwave table) and possibly have more room.  And my plan is to go through the closet and get rid of, or store in our metal building as a lot of what is in there doesn’t need to be in the house.  So, today I started moving things to other areas of the house so I can get to stuff in the closet.  Here we go!


Merry Christmas!

I cannot believe this year is almost over, time flies way too fast when you have fun.  It really has been a great year.  We are blessed to have wonderful family and friends and our health!  Christmas gatherings start this weekend with two days of celebrations for us.  So, from our home to yours, hoping all of you have a very Merry Christmas!

12-20-18 2

Tis the Season!

The decorations are up, the house is clean, all Christmas projects are done… now I can relax a little.  Actually, I still have one more thing to do outside and will get that done hopefully today.  The house has been de-glitterized (well, mostly anyway).  I still have wrapping to do and that is the plan for today as well.  I love this time of year!




Going to go finish my morning coffee.  Fa la la la la la la I’m done!



It’s Beginning to Look Like….

A huge mess!  I started decorating for Christmas and already have two trees up – my western and snowman ones.  Pictures following later.  I am in the process of decorating the rest of the house.  But before all that started, this is where it began – with chaos!


From year to year, I never know where I am going to put stuff, I always improvise.  Never do I put the decorations in the same place (well, I try not to anyway!).  I have also been working on making Christmas gifts so my dining room table has been a mess for weeks.  I did clean it off for Thanksgiving though :).


This year the “theme” in my living room is Santas and Christmas trees and in the breakfast room, Snowman.  I am cleaning house as I go along as well and it probably won’t get cleaned again until I take all the stuff down!  That’s just the way I work.  This is going to take a couple (three, four) more days as I am particular with where I put things and I take lots of breaks!

As soon as I get the house cleaned and it is all bright and sparkly, I will post more pictures.  Tis the season!


So, I was laying on the bed watching TV and staring at my jewelry Armoire.  Then I had an idea to really bling it up.  The first idea didn’t work (I had some nail stick ons and they were too tiny).  Then I remembered I had some jewels in my craft supplies and found these small rhinestones.  I put each one on by hand and not with glue, but with top coat fingernail polish!  Glitter and bling – what could be better??