Reno Excitement

The painting is coming along and almost done!  The color I picked for the trim is called Creamy and I love it.  It makes the walls look brighter. I am not changing any of the wall colors except for in the breakfast room and kitchen and I can’t wait to see how that is going to look.

BedroomAnd today the electricians are here.  Those fluorescent lights in our kitchen are GONE!  We are replacing with canned/recessed lights that look SO much cleaner.

I may need to wear sunglasses in here!

And in the master bathroom, the shower has been taken out.  I am replacing with a seamless door and on the walls, there will be white subway tiles and the flooring is something called Mosaic Penny in creams and tans.  New fixtures will be installed as well.

Master bath
Old and soon to be new!

All of this is very exciting to me even though I can’t find anything in the house.  This is going to give me a reason to thoroughly clean and get rid of stuff (I hope!).



I am DONE with refinishing all the knobs and pulls for our home reno.  I discovered a couple more knobs today and while I was deciding on how to paint them, I looked down at the newspaper I was using to cover the table and saw the area I used to dob off extra paint.  I really liked what I saw, so I used this inspiration to paint a couple more knobs.


Everything is done!

I painted a total of 87 knobs and pulls.  I am also VERY happy at the way they turned out.  I know I saved a few hundred dollars on buying new hardware.  Yay!


Day 3 of Reno – More Knobs and Pulls

The guys are working in the garage finishing up the texturing on the sheet rock and I was told they may start some of the painting today.  Most of the colors are staying the same except I have decided to paint our breakfast room and kitchen walls a different color!  All of the knobs and pulls are off of the cabinets and this morning, I worked on those in the master bath.  We are keeping the cultured marble bathtub, which has whites and tans in the color.  The counter tops are being replaced with granite of similar colors.  With that in mind, I decided to paint the knobs and pulls a little lighter.  This time I used a Pearl white all over and then went back with the copper and two gold colors to add depth.  I haven’t sealed any of them yet, still deciding on whether to add more color or not.  I kinda like them the way they are.


Thirty-five down, only 49 more to go!


Day 2 of Reno

My house is in chaos and I don’t care!  Sheetrock repair is still going on.  I was told painting and the master bath reno would start soon.  I am not buying new cabinet hardware, I decided to refinish what I have.  I did this same thing for our cabinets in our RV and loved the way they turned out.  I sanded the pieces just a little so the paint will stick better.  I am using Acrylic craft paints in metallic black, copper and two gold colors.  I am going for the aged look.  I dob these on with a paper towel and no two are alike, which is what I like!  After they dry, I will seal with an acrylic sealer (those shown in the pictures have not been sealed yet).  This is just a fun (and very inexpensive) way to refinish your own hardware!


Happy Friday the 13th – House Reno 1

So, some believe Friday the 13th is bad luck.  I, for one, do not.  And one reason is today we began our house renovation/updating!  We built our home and moved in in 2005.  Over the years, and especially after the 2011 drought, cracks showed up in our garage and other areas of the inside.  Also, when our “pups” were young, they chewed on the walls in the garage (how does a dog grab ahold of a wall and chew??).  I have been thinking about various updates for a few years now and finally decided to just do it.  Today, the sheet rock crew is here repairing the walls.


These are some before and after pictures.  Yay!  No more chewed up walls!! The garage walls will be repainted white, I am done with that gold color!  In fact, all of the gold color on the inside of the house is going, going, GONE!  That means, all of the crown molding, all trim, window sills, baseboards and doors will be repainted a white color.  I will feel like I have a whole new house when all that I want done is done!



Blackberry Concoction

Our blackberries are coming in strong and I wanted to make something other than a cobbler.  We had some biscuits in the fridge and I thought about making blackberry “dumplings”.  Roll each biscuit out and then add blackberries and bring the dough up over the berries and bake.  Easy enough.  Well, in talking with one of our neighbors this evening, she mentioned she was going to make this dessert with berries, shortbread and cream cheese and it sounded so good.  So, I decided to use cream cheese in my concoction as well.  I flattened out the biscuits using some sugar so they wouldn’t stick to the rolling pin.  I softened some cream cheese and slathered some on to the biscuit.  Then added the blackberries that I had sweetened with some sugar and then folded the biscuit up over the berries.  After all 8 were done, I put an egg wash on each of them and baked for about 20 minutes.  They turned out SO good!  This recipe is a keeper!!

5-14-18 15-14-18 25-14-18 3

Hello Spring!

I think Spring is my favorite time of year, things green up and flowers/shrubs are in bloom.  I worked for almost a week weeding flower beds, planting some flowers and shrubs and then mulching.  Some of the Pansies from the Fall are still hanging in there, so I plan to leave them there for a while.  Meanwhile, I am done and ready to just enjoy the yard!

Jane Magnolia – first time to bloom!



Happy Spring!

Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone….

Although, with this bread, I think one can!  Hubby has a friend that made this onion beer bread and so he decided to make it.  The whole house smells like Heaven!  Haven’t tried it yet as we are taking it to some friends tonight but I can betcha it will be a winner.  Do I really have to wait???


Merry Christmas

Another year come and gone, my how the time flies!  I want to thank you for reading my blog, I look forward to 2018 and new adventures!

I wish you Peace, Love and Happiness – MERRY CHRISTMAS!