Good Morning Glories!

I was outside filling up bird feeders and noticed my gorgeous Morning Glories.  I plant these every year, I love Morning Glories.  The large blue ones are called Heavenly Blue and I can’t remember what the others are called (I plant a mix which could be what they are).  This Spring I decided to plant some in the front flower bed and they took over one of my hanging baskets.  The bees and hummers like them too!





Redneck Door Knob and Lock

Last night, we were having issues with our electronic door knob/lock.  It locked and you couldn’t get in or out (good thing I had the back door unlocked).  I knew Greg was working on it but didn’t know the end result.  Well, this morning he made the comment good thing we have guard dogs as he took the handle off and used the cat food container to keep the door closed.  I had to laugh and I told them this is what you call a Redneck door lock!



Greg put a pork roast on the grill today and I had it for lunch!  I love using a Raspberry Chipotle sauce with pork.  This was scrumptious!!


Happy Birthday Pups!

Today is Colt and Winny’s first birthday!  Having TWO puppies has been challenging, especially with them getting older.  Winny is much more casual and sociable where Colt is very stubborn but so loveable.   Together they play and play and play; I love to watch them.  One of their favorite things to do while playing is tug on each other’s collar (both have lost collars and tags already!).  They still chew on anything and everything, the latest was Greg’s watch (he had taken it off while working on something).  At least it was his old watch and the band can be replaced.  All in all, they are sweet and happy puppies!

Winny and Colt

Gorgeous Flowers

We bought this Texas Star Hibiscus a couple or so months ago and I never really noticed how pretty the blooms are until I got close to one of them.  They are stunning!  Also, the pink/red Drift Rose is doing very well too!

Texas Star Hibiscus
Texas Star Hibiscus
The plant gets very tall!
The plant gets very tall!
Drift Rose
Drift Rose

It’s Salsa Time!

Greg stayed up late last night making homemade salsa.  The home grown tomatoes came from ours and well as our neighbor’s gardens.  He added some fresh peaches that we had as well.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I KNOW it is yummy!


Boot Bag

Whenever we go out of town dancing, I either have to pack my boots in my travel bag/suitcase, which takes up room, or carry them in the box and that can be cumbersome.  So I decided to make me a boot bag!  Yes, you can buy boot bags, but I wanted to make my own.  Greg suggested using the pant legs of old jeans as I have done for him to carry his fishing poles in using the pant legs.  This took me about a week as my first idea turned in to another idea, and then I basically went back to the first idea.  What took the longest was fraying.  I wanted to really have the worn look and with fraying (to make it look more even) you have to pull one string at a time to keep from snagging on what has already been frayed.  I added the ribbon to the outside of the pant leg just to make it more feminine.  I am going to play with more ideas to see what else I can come up with.

Ta Da!!




Got a Solution??

Greg saw this in the newspaper today.  We are always looking for solutions to this problem.



The pups have been giving the squirrels fits but they haven’t caught any yet.  Never say never !