Oh so yummy!

I made homemade chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight and they were SO good.


Blingin’ Remi

I managed to get my readers on Remi this past summer long enough to take a picture.  Every lady needs bling!

Remi the Menace Strikes Again…..

There is NO worse smell like skunk spray and last night, Remi attacked a skunk.  Guess she doesn’t know that the “black and white kitty” is NOT to be messed with.  Greg penned her up in our dog pen (which has a nice doggie condo btw) and what does she do but bark most of the night.  She HATES being penned up.  Gotta get that bark collar out.  I see a nap (or two) coming on today!

And life goes on in the country (and I do love it!)

Remembering our garden…….

These pictures were taken last year when our garden flourished.  This year – it was pitiful.  Nothing grew or grew well.  I think we got just a few tomatoes but everything else died or didn’t come up.

We had so many blackberries, we were practically begging people to come and pick.  We got zero, zilch, nada this year!

Our peaches last year were so juicy than when you bit in to one, the juice would run down your chin.  The squirrels liked them too!  I used to feel sorry for them and didn’t like it when Greg would shoot one, but once they threatened my peaches it was “did squirrel die”!

A Night with Friends

Had a nice, relaxing evening with some friends over for dinner.  The menu included Gumbo, beer bread, venison and wild hog cooked on the grill, Sangria, Cactus Margaritas and Beer.  Also had a cream cheese dip for an appetizer, but I forgot to take a picture!  My hubby did most of the cooking, I only made the cheese dip and then the drinks.  It was all so yummy!!