Remi the Menace Strikes Again…..

There is NO worse smell like skunk spray and last night, Remi attacked a skunk.  Guess she doesn’t know that the “black and white kitty” is NOT to be messed with.  Greg penned her up in our dog pen (which has a nice doggie condo btw) and what does she do but bark most of the night.  She HATES being penned up.  Gotta get that bark collar out.  I see a nap (or two) coming on today!

And life goes on in the country (and I do love it!)


3 thoughts on “Remi the Menace Strikes Again…..

  1. Hahahaha! Been there, done that many times….in fact, went through it again just a few weeks ago. Ernie finally knows better(I think!), but Scotty (James’ new lab) obviously didn’t know what they were either, and got soundly indoctrinated. We didn’t mess with him for 2 weeks, and he was confused about that, but I’m still not sure he learned a lesson. YOU know lab puppies…lol!

    1. Yep, been there done that too with Sandy, the Golden Retriever I used to have. She didn’t learn either!! Don’t think Remi will either, she is the most stubborn and determined dog I have ever owned!!

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