Boot Bling!

I was wandering around the mall the other day and I saw this boot strap in the window of a store and it caught my eye.  So, of course, I HAD to have it.  Gonna wear tonight when we go dancin’ .


It’s What’s for Breakfast

Greg fixed a scrumptious breakfast this morning of French toast and bacon (I LOVE bacon).  His French toast is very fluffy!

Ahhhhhh RAIN!!!

We haven’t had rain like this is like – forever!!!  Yesterday we got 1.2″ and I haven’t had a chance to go see what we have gotten so far today (as of almost 8:00 am).  I swear I could see our pond filling up as it as raining!!  This is wonderful – thank you Lord!!

Bling it On!!

My newest acquisition for dancing – the blingy turquoise belt!  I have been wanting one for a long time as I have just about every other color.  On to dancing – bling style!



Horse sitting

My best friend’s son is getting married in March and will be moving from where he lives now, and needed a place to put his horses for a few months.  So we are “horse sitting”.  These are Sorrel horses, beautiful in color!  I told Greg I wanted my hair to be that color!!  Anyway, we have Duke, White and Little Man.  Duke is the largest being at least 15 hands high, if not more.  They are gorgeous!  We have Molly in the other pasture as she can be very dominant and we think one of the horses may be afraid of her.  She paces the fence line just looking over at them, wanting to chase them around to show who is boss!!

White, Little Man and Duke


Mega Salad

I love to make a salad for dinner that has everything in it but the kitchen sink.  Tonight’s salad consisted of lettuce, celery, carrots, mushrooms, black olives, red bell pepper, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cheese, and shrimp.  Toasted some seeded Rye bread to go along with it and chow down!

It’s Sangria thirty!!

About the only “mixed drink” that I know how to make really well, is a Sangria.  Greg is my bartender and he makes some really awesome mixed drinks.  I decided it was time for a Sangria tonight.  I take a Sangria mix (we like Madria Sangria), and then mix with some Diet lemon/lime drink.  Add a slice of orange and lime and you are done!  Also, love to add strawberries when I have them (darn it, I just bought some today and forgot about them 😦 )  YUMMO!

Living off the land

Anyone who knows anything about hogs knows that they can destroy your pasture or property as normally, where you see one, there are 40-50 more!!!  Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but truthfully they run in herds (or as I found on Google – drift/parcel/teams).  And there are MANY to a herd.

I was outside feeding animals when I heard this BAM!  I thought something blew up!  So I phoned Greg on his cell and he told me he had just killed a hog (he saw about 8 running across the property).  Greg processes his own meat whether it be venison or hog.  Fresh pork is really good too.


Farm Gal Tracy

I was helping Greg today by driving the tractor while he picked up stumps/big chunks of woods in the pasture that he is preparing so he can plant grass.  I got the easy part –drive slow while he picked up and chunked the wood in the bucket , and then dumping the wood in the burn pile.  When we first cleared land out here, I had the pleasure (and I say that sarcastically) of picking up chunks of tree branches or or small stumps and then taking to the burn pile.  That was a job!  I told him I never want to do that again!