Aw, poor Charlie!

I have to tell you a funny story (no pictures this time, no way I could capture this).  Yesterday early evening, Greg and I walked down to our stock tank to feed the fish.  We have a fish feeder, but because it has been so dry and the water level has gone down, it would throw the feed in to the dirt!  So, Molly the mule followed Greg down there and next thing I see is Charlie, one of our outdoor cats, following as well.  He is the sociable cat, loves to follow us around.  I was pretty apprehensive about what Molly would do and then she spots Charlie and takes off after him.  I don’t think Charlie has ever run as fast as he did at that moment!  I guess Molly thought she got her point across as she gave up and left him alone.  Charlie stayed the distance so hopefully he knows – don’t go where that mule is!

Well, last night Greg and I were hot tubbing and talking and the next thing we see is Charlie coming over the tub and in to the water!!!  I don’t think he expected the water.  He has climbed all over the cover many times.  At first, I thought he was going to drown, but he “dog” paddled and I managed to “throw” him over the edge and he took off like a streak!

So Charlie had his adventure for the evening.  Hope he is over being traumatized!!


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