Living off the land

Anyone who knows anything about hogs knows that they can destroy your pasture or property as normally, where you see one, there are 40-50 more!!!  Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but truthfully they run in herds (or as I found on Google – drift/parcel/teams).  And there are MANY to a herd.

I was outside feeding animals when I heard this BAM!  I thought something blew up!  So I phoned Greg on his cell and he told me he had just killed a hog (he saw about 8 running across the property).  Greg processes his own meat whether it be venison or hog.  Fresh pork is really good too.



One thought on “Living off the land

  1. And the piggie was on the plate for supper Monday night! Smothered in onions and jalapenos, with sides of oven-roasted potatoes and Florida broad leaf Mustard greens.

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