OMG the clover!!

The clover has really taken over this year, more so than in previous years.  And, in the dog pen, I let it go way too long.  So much so, there was no way it could be mowed.  Well, this morning, I got out and mowed it down with the weed eater.  I am surprised my weed eater didn’t burn out.  It is a Black and Decker, so it must be like the Timex of weed eaters – takes a beating and still keeps weeding!

Some before, during and after pictures:

I weed eated a path so I would have a sense of direction.  I worked on one side and then the other.  While I was weeding towards the doggie condo, Charlie startled me, he had made a bed in the clover and I didn’t see him until I got up on him.  Well, I went to get my camera and when I got back, he must have gotten spooked and jumped out of the clover bed.  I got a picture of where he was anyway.

Almost done!

Ta da!!  All done!

I had to switch off arms doing this as each would get tired.  I am an ambidextrious weed eater-er!  I think this took a couple hours and I imagine my arms will be sore tomorrow.

I wasn’t done though.  I also mowed down the clover (with the mower this time) by the front gate and around in the yard, along with the tons of dandelions that are growing.      Now, I am done!!


Spring is in the air……

And I got busy!  For whatever reason, our shrubs in one of our front flower beds died out.  This started happening before the drought this past year.  So, I dug them up and then didn’t do anything in that bed for a while.  Plus, we have this grass that has been growing in the beds and it is quite annoying – beautiful, but annoying.  I searched the internet and I think it is called fiber optic grass.  Looks like this:

Yeah, looks pretty, but this stuff has runners and invades the beds.  So, a couple weeks ago, I took some roundup and sprayed it!  I have been pulling this stuff up for years and I am tired of it.  I am hoping it doesn’t come back.  So, for the past three days, I have been digging this stuff up to get to the runners in hopes that it doesn’t come back.  I call it demon grass!!

So, today I FINALLY finished pulling and digging and raking and then planting of some flowers and shrubs I bought the other day.  I took a before and after picture back in September of what the front bed looked like when the shrubs were dying and then after I pulled them out.

Now, on to just a few days ago:

Dwarf Nandina – in the winter, the leaves turn red, so will have color all year round!

In front of the trellis, I planted a pink Jasmine.  This thing smells heavenly already!  Then, on the other side I planted two drift roses, one apricot and one red.  Drift roses are from the producers of the Knockout roses.  They only grow to 1 1/2 to 2′ tall.

Pink Jasmine

I had some petunias left over from where I planted some by the garage entrance, so I planted them in front of the roses and jasmine.  I need to buy more though!

More Drift roses – orange and red

Area prepped for more flowers and……voila!

These are called Senetti’s.  I had never seen them before, but HAD to have them, mainly because of their color.  This looks blue for some reason, but it is actually purple and other other is lavendar.

The area leading in to the garage – Petunias

In the yard area:

I have Esperanza (or yellow bells) planted inside the blue pot.  This is an established plant and comes back every year.  Just planted the marigolds and then had some mums planted a while back.  I like to plant Morning Glories on either side of the ladder, and when they start growing, they will climb and cover the ladder.

Now all I have to do is clean up and mulch and these beds will be done.  But, I have several more to prep and weed – my job is NOT done!!

Remi in the clover

The clover has gone crazy this year.  Greg already mowed the yard area but in the dog pen, it is knee deep.  One of the cats (Charlie) was hiding in it last night and I tried to get a picture, but then when he spotted me, he moved on.  Well, Remi posed for me instead.

This and that

Our peach and apple trees are in bloom!  We have some of the best peaches, they are so juicy, when you bite in to them, the juice will run down your chin.  Have to keep an eye on them though, the squirrels like to eat them too (and NOTHING messes with my peaches!!)

one of the peach trees

One of the apple trees

My dianthus are starting to bloom too!

Muddy Molly (she’s still purty!)

MORE rain!!

Between yesterday and early this morning, we received another 1.6″ of rain!!  Our main pier is almost flooded and as you can see (or NOT see), our little pier IS flooded!

Area that feeds in to the pond

Edge of pond

Almost flooded

looking down at main pier

where’s the little pier??

there it is – UNDER water!!

Edge and end of little pier

As you can see, Remi has already been swimming!

Looking back towards main pier

Note:  As I was blogging, it started raining AGAIN, and is still raining!

Where’s the Pier??

Can you see where the new pier is supposed to be?  More pictures taken around 5:45 p.m.

I am at the end of my pier (hahaha!)

The fish feeder went off while Greg and I were at the pond and you should see the size of these things – they are HUGE! No way does a picture do justice and it was hard to capture a picture of them.  Greg says they could be 7-8 pounds.  I say we have Moby Dick in there!!

Greg and Remi (Remi is hiding behind the fish feeder!)

The pond is full!

We got almost an inch and a half of rain so far today.  With that, our pond is FULL – where it should be.  It will probably be even more full since water is still running in to it from the pasture and also from the culvert under the driveway, into a draw that goes down to the pond.  Our pond (or tank as some call it) hasn’t looked this good in months!!!

Happy Valentine’s!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day.  I know I did!  And I like to make it special for Greg on this day.

Setting the mood – I like to make the table look more festive.  Something I have been doing a few years now.

I love to give cards and normally, I will give more than one for an occasion.  The 52 Reasons idea I got off of a website called Pinterest.  It is like an online pin board where you can have fun pinning on to your boards, but at the same time, get some great ideas for crafts, design, food, etc.  This is the website:

You can send in a request to be invited, but that could take forever to be “accepted”.  If you know of someone on Pinterest, ask then to send you an invite and you can get started on pinning a lot faster.

Another recipe idea from Pinterest.  This was delicious!  You an find the recipe here:

I substituted the tarragon for rosemary.   Also, I seasoned my chicken first with my favorite seasonings.

And finally, dessert!

I found some heart shaped pans (one serving) at a kitchen store in our local mall.  I used a French vanilla cake mix and then when the cake was cooled, poked holes in it with toothpicks and carefully poured some Hazelnut liquor over the top.  Then I made a chocolate drizzle from powdered sugar, cocoa and some milk.  Topped with homemade whipped cream and a strawberry.  This was YUMM-O!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  ♥

Remi and Charlie

I hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine’s day today.  I will post some V day pics later (can’t do that yet, Greg has to be surprised first!!).

I have decided that when I go outside that I need to take my camera with me as I have missed so many good shots of the dogs or cats or both!  Course, remembering will be another story.  I am Wonder Woman (taken from what my sis posted on her Facebook page).  I wonder where my mind went sometimes!

I caught this shot while going to the metal building to feed the cats.  This is what Remi (the dog) does on a routine basis with Charlie.  She will literally pounce in front of him as if to say “wanna play”.  Course, Charlie gives him this look like, get outta the way you stupid dog, it is my feeding time!