Happy Valentine’s!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day.  I know I did!  And I like to make it special for Greg on this day.

Setting the mood – I like to make the table look more festive.  Something I have been doing a few years now.

I love to give cards and normally, I will give more than one for an occasion.  The 52 Reasons idea I got off of a website called Pinterest.  It is like an online pin board where you can have fun pinning on to your boards, but at the same time, get some great ideas for crafts, design, food, etc.  This is the website:


You can send in a request to be invited, but that could take forever to be “accepted”.  If you know of someone on Pinterest, ask then to send you an invite and you can get started on pinning a lot faster.

Another recipe idea from Pinterest.  This was delicious!  You an find the recipe here:


I substituted the tarragon for rosemary.   Also, I seasoned my chicken first with my favorite seasonings.

And finally, dessert!

I found some heart shaped pans (one serving) at a kitchen store in our local mall.  I used a French vanilla cake mix and then when the cake was cooled, poked holes in it with toothpicks and carefully poured some Hazelnut liquor over the top.  Then I made a chocolate drizzle from powdered sugar, cocoa and some milk.  Topped with homemade whipped cream and a strawberry.  This was YUMM-O!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  ♥

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