Spring is in the air……

And I got busy!  For whatever reason, our shrubs in one of our front flower beds died out.  This started happening before the drought this past year.  So, I dug them up and then didn’t do anything in that bed for a while.  Plus, we have this grass that has been growing in the beds and it is quite annoying – beautiful, but annoying.  I searched the internet and I think it is called fiber optic grass.  Looks like this:

Yeah, looks pretty, but this stuff has runners and invades the beds.  So, a couple weeks ago, I took some roundup and sprayed it!  I have been pulling this stuff up for years and I am tired of it.  I am hoping it doesn’t come back.  So, for the past three days, I have been digging this stuff up to get to the runners in hopes that it doesn’t come back.  I call it demon grass!!

So, today I FINALLY finished pulling and digging and raking and then planting of some flowers and shrubs I bought the other day.  I took a before and after picture back in September of what the front bed looked like when the shrubs were dying and then after I pulled them out.

Now, on to just a few days ago:

Dwarf Nandina – in the winter, the leaves turn red, so will have color all year round!

In front of the trellis, I planted a pink Jasmine.  This thing smells heavenly already!  Then, on the other side I planted two drift roses, one apricot and one red.  Drift roses are from the producers of the Knockout roses.  They only grow to 1 1/2 to 2′ tall.

Pink Jasmine

I had some petunias left over from where I planted some by the garage entrance, so I planted them in front of the roses and jasmine.  I need to buy more though!

More Drift roses – orange and red

Area prepped for more flowers and……voila!

These are called Senetti’s.  I had never seen them before, but HAD to have them, mainly because of their color.  This looks blue for some reason, but it is actually purple and other other is lavendar.

The area leading in to the garage – Petunias

In the yard area:

I have Esperanza (or yellow bells) planted inside the blue pot.  This is an established plant and comes back every year.  Just planted the marigolds and then had some mums planted a while back.  I like to plant Morning Glories on either side of the ladder, and when they start growing, they will climb and cover the ladder.

Now all I have to do is clean up and mulch and these beds will be done.  But, I have several more to prep and weed – my job is NOT done!!

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