OMG the clover!!

The clover has really taken over this year, more so than in previous years.  And, in the dog pen, I let it go way too long.  So much so, there was no way it could be mowed.  Well, this morning, I got out and mowed it down with the weed eater.  I am surprised my weed eater didn’t burn out.  It is a Black and Decker, so it must be like the Timex of weed eaters – takes a beating and still keeps weeding!

Some before, during and after pictures:

I weed eated a path so I would have a sense of direction.  I worked on one side and then the other.  While I was weeding towards the doggie condo, Charlie startled me, he had made a bed in the clover and I didn’t see him until I got up on him.  Well, I went to get my camera and when I got back, he must have gotten spooked and jumped out of the clover bed.  I got a picture of where he was anyway.

Almost done!

Ta da!!  All done!

I had to switch off arms doing this as each would get tired.  I am an ambidextrious weed eater-er!  I think this took a couple hours and I imagine my arms will be sore tomorrow.

I wasn’t done though.  I also mowed down the clover (with the mower this time) by the front gate and around in the yard, along with the tons of dandelions that are growing.      Now, I am done!!

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