Around the yard

I love Spring!  Everything is so green and after the horrible drought last year and hardly anything growing, it is refreshing to see the flowers in bloom, and the grass so green.  The wildflowers are so pretty this year too.  We discovered we have some Bluebonnets near the back of our property and there are lots of Indian Paintbrushes all around, as well as other wildflowers that I don’t know the names of.  I took a walk around to take photos of how pretty things are (and to compare for future pictures!).

I plant Morning Glories at the bottom of the ladder so they will climb.  They look so pretty when in bloom.

Remi LOVES going in to the water!

Remi and “Mr. Cat”

Peaches!  The squirrels better beware cause if they try to get them, they may be Greg’s dinner!

Sunflowers have been coming up randomly around the house area.  I did plant some last year and think the seeds were carried by birds.

Old Bear, staying cool.  She will be getting her summer haircut soon!



Remi has a bad habit of cutting across my flower garden or even sleeping in it, so when Greg caught and scolded her, she decided she would just lay near it instead!  Greg was in the “office” working on something and she loves to sit or lay near the window.  This is as close as she could get!

Getting there….

I am to the point now where I can mulch the flowerbeds.  They are all weeded and cleaned out.  Since I did nothing with them this summer (no flowers or anything), I am ready to have some color in them!  Got one and most of the second one in the front done today.

The black looking rocks are from a silver mine that we visited last year in Colorado.  Getting up to this mine was NOT easy!  But that is another story!

I have to lay “grating” down (in this case, cattle panel that is cut to fit) due to the dogs digging.  Already had one of our dogs (poor old Bear) laying in the flower bed.

Got more to do, but I got tired!

The Best Little Cowboy Gathering

This event takes place in LaGrange, Texas and features some of the best traditional country music around.

We went for the two days and danced so much my feet were yelling at me!  But, we had a fabulous time.  Met lots of people there, made new friends and spent time with some “old” ones.  In spite of the rain and mud, it was a great time!

Greg took this picture the first night.  Not a good hair day for me!

We ate lunch at Prause Market in downtown LaGrange – it was yummy!

The dance hall Saturday night

At the Saturday night dance (still, not a good hair day for me!)

There was a Fiddler’s Showcase Saturday afternoon with NINE fiddles (you can’t see the lady on the left end).  This was absolutely spectacular!  Even though these people don’t play together, they were so in sync with each other.  It was most awesome!!

This is the result of what was on the floor while dancing (either dance wax, cornmeal or saw dust).  You can tell where the pant leg came down to the boot.  Mine were covered as well.  Still, a little price to pay for some good dancing!

More dancing this coming weekend at Anhalt Hall!

The Mule Whisperer

Well, maybe not, but I liked the way that sounded anyway.  Greg was outside working in the garden yesterday late afternoon, and Mollie came up to the fence.  He constantly tells her (lovingly of course) she is ugly.  Then I have to reassure her that she isn’t (like she cares!).  Then all three cats showed up!  Typically, Charlie will follow Greg to the garden, and sometimes Abby will go as well, but guess they wanted to make it a three cat night!