The Best Little Cowboy Gathering

This event takes place in LaGrange, Texas and features some of the best traditional country music around.

We went for the two days and danced so much my feet were yelling at me!  But, we had a fabulous time.  Met lots of people there, made new friends and spent time with some “old” ones.  In spite of the rain and mud, it was a great time!

Greg took this picture the first night.  Not a good hair day for me!

We ate lunch at Prause Market in downtown LaGrange – it was yummy!

The dance hall Saturday night

At the Saturday night dance (still, not a good hair day for me!)

There was a Fiddler’s Showcase Saturday afternoon with NINE fiddles (you can’t see the lady on the left end).  This was absolutely spectacular!  Even though these people don’t play together, they were so in sync with each other.  It was most awesome!!

This is the result of what was on the floor while dancing (either dance wax, cornmeal or saw dust).  You can tell where the pant leg came down to the boot.  Mine were covered as well.  Still, a little price to pay for some good dancing!

More dancing this coming weekend at Anhalt Hall!


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