I am quite crafty

For the past couple, three weeks, I have been in the mood to make jewelry again (like I NEED more??).  Well – yes!  I use our breakfast room table to work at as it has lots of light in there.  I kinda have a mess, I keep bringing in more supplies from my “girl cave” where I have all of my craft supplies.  

Yep, itsa mess!  Well, I was listening to the radio last week and researchers have now said if you have a cluttered work area, you think more clearly!  I found this on the internet:  Mail Online

Actually, I think this could be true as I can come up with severals ideas at once of what I want to make.  So, I will keep my clutter – for now!


Berry Nice!

I picked these berries today from our garden!  Unfortunately, last year, the drought got to our berry bushes and killed most of them.  Greg had to plant new ones this year.  We would practically beg people to come out and pick as we had so many berries.  We will get there soon.  Not enough to make a cobbler out of these, but maybe soon will have lots more.

The Three Amigos

Well, maybe not.  These cats do get along though.  The orange cat, which I call Mr. Cat, just wandered up one day and after a while, got friendly.  He even gets long with Remi, who would love to play with him, but Mr. Cat has no interest in that.  If anyone wants the orange cat, let me know as we don’t plan on keeping him.  Don’t worry, we will find a good home for him, not planning on taking him to the shelter or dumping him on the side of the road.  We get enough of that out here and I HATE it!  Don’t know how people can be so cruel to just dump an animal!


Last night we went to our favorite place for dancing in Navasota called the Western Club.  Glenn, the owner has recently expanded the place and it is fabulous!  This was my attire for the evening.  I made the necklace and earrings.  The dress can also be worn as a skirt.  I have several dress/skirts and love them!  We had a great time dancing to Landon Dodd and the Dancehall Drifters (he has an amazing voice!).  Also met up with great friends as we always do and that makes it even more special.  This month, we have been dancing all four weekends – yehaw!

Happy Earth Day!

I was just outside checking on my old dog Bear to make sure she is breathing (after all, she is 16 years old!).  I saw this gorgeous butterfly, but didn’t have my camera.  So, I quickly went inside and was lucky enough it was still around.  I followed it around the yard for a little bit until I could take this pic.  Of course, this picture doesn’t do this butterfly justice.  It looked to be black with yellow edging.   So pretty!!

Almost ready!

Our peach tree is hurting itself with all the new peaches on it and there are a few that are just about ready.  I may have to stake Remi out by the tree so the squirrels don’t get to them.  NOTHING messes with MY peaches!!  Greg said some even smell peachy, so it will be very soon we can eat peaches!

This one has my name written all over it!

The rest of the garden is doing very well.  We have already eaten fresh squash, beets and onions.  I can hardly wait for the corn, tomatoes and cucumbers.  There is NOTHING like fresh veggies!

The Texas Sage is really pretty now and our bottle brush is blooming!  Last year, we didn’t get a single bloom.  Unfortunately, we have it on the north side of the house and it does not like freezing weather so the past couple of years when we had a hard freeze, it froze and didn’t bloom in the spring.  With our mild winter this past year, it came back really pretty.


Took my 16 year old long haired dog Bear to get her summer “hair cut”.  She looks like a big dog, until she has been groomed.  I even bought her a new pink collar.  She will be much more comfortable in the heat this summer!

The Garden

Things are popping up in our garden, already have had the fresh squash and it is so good!  We also had this tonight, does anyone know what it is????

Squash that Greg picked tonight!