Almost ready!

Our peach tree is hurting itself with all the new peaches on it and there are a few that are just about ready.  I may have to stake Remi out by the tree so the squirrels don’t get to them.  NOTHING messes with MY peaches!!  Greg said some even smell peachy, so it will be very soon we can eat peaches!

This one has my name written all over it!

The rest of the garden is doing very well.  We have already eaten fresh squash, beets and onions.  I can hardly wait for the corn, tomatoes and cucumbers.  There is NOTHING like fresh veggies!

The Texas Sage is really pretty now and our bottle brush is blooming!  Last year, we didn’t get a single bloom.  Unfortunately, we have it on the north side of the house and it does not like freezing weather so the past couple of years when we had a hard freeze, it froze and didn’t bloom in the spring.  With our mild winter this past year, it came back really pretty.

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