New additions to my boot family

I LOVE anything leopard print (I even have some leopard print jeans!) and have been looking around for some leopard print boots, but I didn’t want the print to only be on the foot part (or the vamp as that is known).  I wanted the print to show when I wear my jeans.  I did a lot of research on the internet and have gone to several western wear  stores to find just what I was looking for and I did – on the internet through Shepler’s.  These are Nocona snip toe boots.  The reviews were great and so was the price.  I ordered these on Monday, May 28 and received on Thursday, May 31.  Now, that is service!  I can’t wait to wear them (which will be soon!).

Well, BEFORE I ordered the boots, I wanted to make sure that I liked the way Nocona boots fit as I don’t have any in that brand.  I went to our local western wear store in College Station (Cavendar’s) and tried on a pair and the fit was good.  While there I wanted to look at all black boots as I don’t have any that are totally black.  I saw SEVERAL that I liked but had no intentions of buying any – until I saw these:

They were screaming “these boots are made for Tracy”, so I HAD to have them.  These are by Corral and are POINTED toe ( I have one other pair of pointed toe boots – roach killers as Greg calls them).  The hearts are pink, bronze and black crystals although hard to tell in the picture.  Yes, those are wine bottles in these boots.  They help to keep the boot sturdy when not in the box.

So these two make numbers 8 & 9 in my boot family.  I already have in mind what #10 will be, but they may have to wait until next year.  Seems I buy two pairs a year and I am at my limit this year (unless I see #10!).


Remi on a hot day

It is the dog days of summer and we aren’t even in to summer yet!  I was sitting on the back porch enjoying a Beer rita (a margarita with beer in it) and Remi is always back there with me.  I managed to capture this great photo of her.  Sweet dog!

My pedicure

I love doing something different with my toenail colors, don’t like the “norm” so a couple years ago, I decided to do the French Nail look, but with color!  Last year I did orange with the white tips and wanted to do pink with the white tips so I had the technician do that today.  She was really good (and fast too!).  She does nail art at Boardwalk Salon, just ask for Tyler!  I plan on taking a photo to her the next time I find something unique (Pinterest always has some cool nail art!).  Need to add some rhinestones the next time too!


Happy Mother’s Day

To all of you mothers out there!  The mother of these precious babies must have been out getting food for them.  For the past few years, swallows have come back to this nest to lay and hatch their eggs.  Sometimes they will have as many as three different sets of them.  Greg had gone to get the paper and noticed the babies sitting on the side of the nest peeking down.  They are just too cute!

Plum Good!

Greg just picked a bunch of the plums.  These are as good (well, maybe not) as the peaches, but they are really sweet too.  Apples should be ready soon!

Well, Remi didn’t actually tree the squirrel, but it did run up the tree and Remi saw it and tried to get to it.  Not sure if it is still there or not, but she is on watch on the back porch (or sleeping!).

Homemade Peach Cobbler

I think I finally found a good “crust” recipe for peach cobbler on the internet.  In the past, mine have come out with too much dough.  The peaches are from our trees and this year we got a bunch of them (too bad you squirrels out there!).

Ok, it has been confirmed, this recipe is a keeper!  If anyone is interested, following is the website where I got the recipe:

Now, just need some vanilla ice cream – YUM!

Mmmmm Mmmmmm Good!

Greg picked these up last night when we were in the store and I am enjoying one now – a beer rita!  A Bud Lite Lime with margarita in it.  I have had beer ritas before and they are good!


The Evidence

Neither Greg nor I put this peach pit on top of the fence post – a squirrel did so this is evidence that one has been in our peach tree.  No problem though, Greg has picked most of the peaches, either a little early and they will ripen in the house or because they were already ripe to avoid the squirrels getting too many like they did last year.  This year, they did NOT win – we did – yehaw!