He’s Baaaaccckkk!

Buddy went missing for a week and I just knew he was a goner.  We decided to keep “Mr. Cat” as he was called, after one of our outdoor cats died.  I had already made an appointment to get him fixed and his shots and the next day is when he was missing.  Yesterday I was going out to our freezer in the garage and there he was!  I was so surprised and happy!  He was curled up with Remi, whom he absolutely loves.  He has some scratches on him but he is fine.  I keep checking on him during the day just to make sure he is still around.  This morning, I found him on top of our hot tub and got this shot through the window.


Cake in a cup

I was craving something sweet and remembered a recipe from a Blog that I subscribe to.  I decided to try it since it only involved three ingredients.  I had my doubts as to if it would turn out as good as the picture looked and I was very pleasantly surprised.  This is SO easy and if you don’t have anything sweet in the house (which I really didn’t) this will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Plus it is just the perfect portion size.  This took about 1 minute in my microwave and I topped with some Neufchatel cream cheese.  It was delicious!

Check out this Blog – she has many great recipes and tips as well:



First day of summer

Well for us here in Texas, summer has already arrived!  But at least we aren’t as hot and dry as last year.  Yesterday we got more rain (7/10 of an inch) and have had more rain this year than all of last year.  The Texas Sage seem to burst shortly having rain and they are gorgeous.

I think I really like you……

Unfortunately, we found our other outdoor cat Charlie (well Remi found him, not a good outcome).  So, we have decided “Buddy” is going to stay.  I just need to schedule him an appointment with the vet for the dreaded neutering and shots.  He is a good cat and follows me to the mailbox with Remi, which I think is cool.  He really does like Remi though and they get along very well.

My heart belongs in the country

I was walking up our driveway and happened to look down to see this heart shaped rock.  How perfect is this?  And the title says it all, my heart does belong in the country – I LOVE it here!


I was able to capture this photo through the garage door window of Remi and Buddy sleeping together.  We have decided to keep “Buddy” as I now call him.  Unfortunately, our other outdoor cat Charlie, is missing and has been for at least two weeks, so I assume the worst.  Buddy is VERY sociable, he follows Remi and I to the mailbox just about every day!  He loves Remi and is always rubbing up against her.  They sleep together in the garage too.

Let’s Salsa!

We have an over abundance of tomatoes this year.  We can’t wait for them to grow and ripen, but once they do, look out – we got more than we can eat.  We end up giving them to friends who don’t grow gardens.  I call Greg my “Mater Man!”  He is the salsa maker in the family (also the pickle maker) and he started making salsa I guess last year and it is pretty darn good.   All of what you see was grown in our garden.

From this:

To this:

Morning glory ladder

We had this old ladder and used it in the garage to “store” stuff until a couple three years ago, I decided to put it in one of my flower beds and use as a trellis.  I have been planting morning glories at the base so they will climb and this is the result.  I love my morning glories!  The yellow flowers underneath are Esperanza or yellow bells.