My cat likes the pot

Yesterday morning, I was going out to collect a box that Remi had drug out in the driveway and noticed Buddy sleeping in one of my flower pots (they have no flowers in them!).  Course when I was taking pictures, Remi had to get in on the act too – she hates to be excluded!!



Beef – it’s what’s for lunch!

Greg grilled some steaks for lunch and we had some butternut squash that he also put on the grill.  I sauteed green beans with onions.  It was scrumptious!

Another “awwwwwwwww” moment

Greg was just about to go out the door when he quietly called me and I knew to grab my camera.  Buddy loves sleeping close to Remi, and Remi doesn’t seem to mind.  They get along so well together.  I told Greg I don’t think I have ever owned a cat that loved being near a dog so much, and I have owned a lot of cats in my life!

The hugger

Buddy  loves to hug the wall when he does come up on the back porch to sleep.  He does this most every time.