Back from vacation

Greg and I just got back last week from Lake Tahoe.  We went with two other couples as this was a trip planned by one of our favorite bands – Jake Hooker and the Outsiders.  This was for their fans and included two dances and a dinner with the band.  We had a blast – well except for Greg getting acute mountain illness!  Anyway, the lake is the most gorgeous lake I have ever seen in my life.  It is very pristeen and the water color is gorgeous.  We took a dinner/dance cruise the evening we got there and it was fabulous.  This was on the MS Dixie II and took us all around the lake and the dinner was scrumptious.  The weather was fantastic, mild during the day and cool at night, much better than our hot Texas weather!  We did some walking around the town and visited various shops.  Did some gambling and I left money there 😦  .  We stayed at Harrah’s and we were all pleasantly surprised that every room had two bathrooms – one for the ladies with a vanity area to do makeup and then the guys bathroom.  I have never stayed in a hotel with two bathrooms, so now I am going to be very spoiled!  Would love to go back one of these days!  This pic is of Greg and I at a stop area on the scenic drive around the lake (before he got sick).

Jake Hooker and the Outsiders

Waiting to be picked up for dinner cruise

Beautiful Lake Tahoe



Greg made gumbo for lunch today.  As Justin Wilson would say, I “gawr on tee”  it was delicious!