Keeping warm and cozy

Buddy and Remi like to sleep together in the garage when it gets cold (or any time for that matter) and I tried to capture a photo of them when they were “snuggling” but of course, you go out and one of them gets up.  So I got this photo instead.  Trying to get animals to pose is like herding cats – or in my case making Remi calm down – most of the time impossible!

Time for outside work

It is such a nice day today, I decided to get outside and do some fall weeding and pruning back of plants.  I was trimming back the Purple Fountain Grass and Buddy decided to have some fun as well.  Can you spot Buddy in the wheelbarrow?

Then I wanted to scale back on what I think are some kind of day lillies.  These things are invasive and multiply!  After digging up some, I decided I wanted them ALL gone.  This is a job.  These things have roots to China!  I finally got a few groups of them dug up but still have more.  I decided to give my back a rest for the day.  Ibuprofen and I are going to go rest for the day!

Hitchin’ a ride!

Remi thinks she is queen when it comes to riding in our Polaris Ranger.  She LOVES to ride whenever we let her.  I wish you could see her live, she looks like a person sitting there poised and ready to go!

Dancing 11-3-12

We went dancing (again!) last night and it has been a while since I have had Greg take a photo of my dancing outfit.  I LOVE to dress up (since I no longer work, this is my opportunity to get spruced up).   The “Cold Beer” sign in the background is our night light when we go out!