Taking a sun bath!

I was backing out of the drive on my way to have lunch with my best friend and noticed Buddy, laying in the yard like this.  I thought, darn, I don’t have my camera.  But I had my cell phone with me so I parked the car and sneaked over to take this pic (which you can see my shadow).  He never moved!  I had to look close to make sure he was still breathing he was so still!

Yep, this is the life!
Yep, this is the life!

Cat on a car

Yep, that's me!
Yep, that’s me!


You got a problem with me sleeping up here- huh, huh??
You got a problem with me sleeping up here- huh, huh??

Well, guess Buddy thinks his sleeping place in on top of my car.  I have had some cat prints on the windshield lately.  You know cats, they do exactly what they want, when they want.  No training a cat!!



They call me the Blinganator!

Honestly, I was dubbed that a few years while vacationing in Mexico.  I was out shopping yesterday for some “comfy” shoes to wear when we go to Mardi Gras in Galveston next weekend, and walked in to a store and found these on sale.  When I got to the register they were marked down even more so I paid less than $6 for these blingy shoes.  Can’t get any better than that!



Oh how I love to live in the country

I love the peace and quiet in the country.  Greg and I were outside doing some work (he was splitting wood with the log splitter and I was stacking it) and after he was done, he burned some old wood which created this awesome bonfire of sorts.  I love the smell of burning wood.  I was out “tending” to it to make sure nothing go out of hand, and noticed the gorgeous sunset.  Then I had to take a picture of the half moon.  What a glorious evening!





The good, the bad, and the ugly!

I started “spring cleaning” early this year.  I have decided to really clean some rooms of the clutter and get more organized this year.  I started this morning with the spare bathroom, cleaning out cabinets and the closet.  It is amazing how much room is really in there!  Also did our hallway closet and going to give blankets that we never use to the Mission.  Then got my “girl cave” organized.  I need a nap!


The girl cave where I keep all of my Christmas decorations, jewelry supplies and various other “stuff”




The big mess!



Blankets and bedspreads going to the Mission


Three is not a crowd

Trying to keep warm on these cold mornings.  I think Bear even tolerated Buddy, which most of the time she has nothing to do with him.  I went out later after I took the picture and Buddy was really getting cozy with Bear and she didn’t seem to mind!



Happy New Year!


Where did 2012 go?  Time seems to just slip by us these days (I guess that happens when you get older!).  All in all, 2012 was a fantastic year.  Also a sad one as I lost my older sister whom I miss dearly.  Greg and I did a lot of dancing and met some great people along the way.   These  Happy Feet will do a lot more dancing in 2013!

Thanks to those who have been reading and following my blog.  I enjoying posting pictures about our “brood” as I call them, our animals, and whatever comes to mind that I think would be worth reading about.

Happy New Year to all and here’s to 2013!