Mardi Gras in Galveston

Greg and I were invited by this couple that hosts three couples to come to their beach house in Galveston and attend Mardi Gras with them.  We went down Friday and stayed until Sunday morning.  We had a blast!  Friday night, we went to “The Strand”.  This is a strip of shops and eating places.  We went to Crowe’s and hung out and then watched some parades and caught some beads.  Beer was consumed as well!  Then Saturday, we went to The Spot (that was our headquarters), which is on the Seawall,  and then watched more parades and caught more beads.  Later we went back to Crowe’s on The Strand to watch even more parades and catch even more beads.  I had so many beads, I had to take them off as they got so heavy!  It was a great weekend!!

Friday night at Crowe's
Friday night at Crowe’s


This is what I purchased at Crowe’s Friday night.  It blinks!!

At The Spot
At The Spot
The Strand Saturday afternoon
The Strand Saturday afternoon

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