I Shoulda Been a Cowgirl!

I was in the back, planting some flowers in our flower bed and noticed Remi looking in to the pasture and then, all of a sudden the cows came running.  Well, one was brown (ours are all black) and I pretty much knew what had happened.  Then noticed two more, one being a bull.  Our cows are young heifers!   Well called my hubby and he said I sure don’t want that bull with our heifers as we are planning on getting rid of them in the next month or so.   I walked over to where all of them were, and at first, the bull was in the corral and I thought I could close the gate and that would be that.  At the time, he was the only one in there, and Molly mule actually helped keep the rest (except for one of ours) from going in, and I was able to close them off from the corral and the other pasture.  But the bull was too close to the gate and I am not messing with a bull.  Besides, I am in my flip flops as all of this happened so fast and I didn’t think to change my shoes.  I am pretty sure you don’t rustle up cows with flip flops on!  So the bull, along with the heifer and the neighbor’s other cow, ran off in to the pasture.  Well, at least it was only one of our heifers with the bull.

Ok, so I get in our Ranger, go to the gate between our property and our weekend neighbors (they live in the Houston area) and sure enough, it was was open.  Obviously the neighbor didn’t secure the gate properly (he had opened it so Greg could get in with some fertilizer he was putting down).   I WAS going to close the gate and lock it and then noticed the cows down the fence line so I get this bright idea I can “chase” them back with the Ranger.  Well after going back and forth between our heifer and that bull, I gave up and went back to lock the gate.  I really didn’t want to leave that bull with our heifer so I went back and managed to “drive” both of them close to the corral and FINALLY got our heifer in the corral and closed her off from the bull!  Good job Cowgirl Tracy – your work is done!  I don’t wanna be a cowgirl, that is too much work!

I think he's in love!
I think he’s in love!


My trusty horse "Ranger"
My trusty horse “Ranger”
My sidekick Remi (she did nothing!)
My sidekick Remi (she did nothing!)

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