Pretty Nails

Ok, I am a copycat.  Ms. Cowboys and Crossbones (see blog here) is always posting her cool manis and today I decided to paint my nails since we ARE going out dancing tonight.  Normally, when the weather gets warmer and I am working out in the yard, I cut my nails super short, so after I take this polish off, the nails will come off too!  I have had this color for a couple months and it is prettier and lighter than I thought it would be.  I need to become more proficient at taking mani pics, maybe I could get some pointers form CBXB!!  🙂

OPI Sprung
OPI Sprung


5 thoughts on “Pretty Nails

  1. I think your nails look great – love the color. They will look fabulous with your new blingy belt! I’m happy to inspire a little nail painting – it always completes a look!! 🙂 And the pics – just takes practice, girl!! Have fun dancing tonight!

  2. I can’t wait for shorter nails, nice weather and my OPI colors. It’s better than the first robin of spring. I have been admiring some of the Sally Hansen colors and I’m treating myself as soon as the weather gets better.

    1. I love bright, neon colors on my toe nails for the spring/summer. I painted mine last week, but need to go in for a “real” manicure very soon.

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