Easter Dress

Since I no longer work outside the home, I rarely buy any kind of clothing other than for dancing (which in that case, I shop all the time 🙂 ).  In Sunday’s paper this past weekend, there was a flyer from Penney’s and in it, were some sheath dresses for ONLY $20!  Now, that is a bargain.  I think a sheath dress is flattering no matter what figure you have.  So today I went looking for one and walked all over the store before I finally found them.  When I spotted one I “had to have” and in my size, I noticed one of the buttons on the front was missing – well crap!  So, I decided to try it on anyway to see if it would fit (yay, it did!), and then thought, I will just ask for a discount.  When I went to checkout I told the cashier about the missing button and if I could get a discount and she said sure – I can give you $5.00 off!   Now that was a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting that much off!  So my dress purchase ended up being $15.00 plus tax and I am very pleased with that.  After I left the store, I thought, I need to go buy buttons as I am sure I don’t have any that size at home (at one time I sewed all of my clothes but don’t keep many buttons around any longer).  And I wanted to find a prettier button than what was on the dress.  Why in the world would you put brown buttons on a yellow and black dress????  Fashion faux pas in my opinion.  Anyway, I went to Hobby Lobby and found two choices – I am thinking I will use the yellow ones!

I love the black and yellow combo
I love the black and white stripe/yellow combo


Button, button, who took the button
Button, button, who took the button




Yellow is my choice
Yellow is my choice


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