Hide and go seek

Last night, I was sitting on our back porch enjoying a glass of wine.  Typically Remi is back there “annoying” me (and what I mean by that is she demands attention and tries to put her paw up and then that scratches me).  Buddy was back there too and he was in a frisky mood.  He ran out in to the back yard and then proceeded to the garden area with Remi chasing him, like she likes to do.  Buddy decided to hide in our brussel sprouts.  “Hey doggie, come and find me if you can!”

I got you!
I got you!


Where's that cat!
Where’s that cat!


Ollie Ollie oxen free!
I tawt I taw a Puddy Tat!
There's that rascally cat!
There’s that rascally cat!



4 thoughts on “Hide and go seek

  1. I would love to sit on my back porch, but I would have to scrape the frost off first. It was warm enough to open the doors, but, I swear, this crazy weather is getting old. My animals used to have their little games too, this post was really sweet.

    1. Well it has warmed up here, but next week another cold front is coming through and we will be in the 50s again. I don’t remember when April has been that cool!

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