The Reward

I did this today

Weed eated and mowed!
Weed eated and mowed!

So this was my reward!!

My favorite beer!
My favorite beer!



Ahhhhh, the Good Life

Buddy likes to sleep on our rocking chairs that we have on the back porch and when I was looking out the window, he was sooooooo laid back and casual.  I had to sneak around to the back porch to keep from waking him.  He finally caught on to what I was doing but, he didn’t care.







Remi – the Destroyer!

Remi has several cow bones in the back yard that she chews on from time to time and I have to pick her “toys” when I mow.  I had this bucket that some tree or plant came in and would keep them in there.  She chewed it in half earlier this week and last night she destroyed it!  Maybe I need to find a chew proof bucket!

Did I do that??
Did I do that??

My Beautiful Flowers

My sweet husband will occasionally bring me flowers for no reason at all.  These are what he brought home to me last night.  They are SO pretty!  I have the best hubby in the world!



Got Milk??

No, this isn’t milk!  I was browsing the internet a few weeks ago looking for a drink that had either Hazelnut, Creme de Cocoa or Cherry Vodka in it, but not all in the same drink. You see, I gave up a couple of my favorite alcoholic beverages for Lent, one that I call my Chocolate Cherry Drink.  It consists of Hazelnut liqueur, Creme de Cocoa, Cherry Vodka and cherry soda.  Occasionally Greg will add just a little cream and it tastes like a chocolate covered cherry – can you say YUMMO!  Well, I came across a few recipes on the internet and decided to give this one a try.  It is called a Friar Tuck.  Three ingredients so easy peasy for me to make – Hazelnut liqueur, Creme de Cocoa and 2% milk – YUMMO!!

4-15-13 Friar Tuck

The Beauty of Flowers

I am amazed as to how beautiful and BIG the knockout rose blooms are this year.   I swear, the blooms are bigger and brighter than they have ever been.  The red roses are about 5 years old but the yellow rose bush is only a couple years old.  Then my dianthus are really blooming nicely with some big blooms as well (don’t look at the weeds growing in the beds, I have to get out and weed again!)







The Stalker

While I was going to the garden to take photos of possible damage done while the cows were in the yard, I noticed Buddy stalking my birds!  He thinks he is hiding in the Texas Sage.  I doubt that he can get them as for one, he is a pretty big cat (ok, he is fat) and the feeder is high up so he can’t jump up there.

Birdy, birdy come to me!
Birdy, birdy come to me!




I shoulda been a cowgirl, Part 2

Yesterday evening, after I had already gotten dressed to go dancing (in white jeans), Greg and I were talking about this and thats and he looked up and said “there are cows in our back yard!”.  Mollie was back there too and she can be a real pain in the ass (no pun intended) in getting her to do anything.  Frankly, she is very smart and knows what you want her to do, but she will only do whatever that is on her terms (kinda like a cat!).  Anyway, Greg goes to the barn to get some feed to lure the cows back in to the pasture.  Evidently the gate from our back yard going in to the pasture didn’t get latched properly (note to self – check all gates for proper closure from now on).  Fortunately not all of them had gotten in the yard and some were trying to eat my flowers – NOOOOOOOO!  A couple had gone over to the garden and gotten in it and we weren’t sure what damage was done.  After me trying to coax them back in to the pasture and Greg IN the pasture with the feed, we switched places.  Greg was telling me what I needed to do (which I wasn’t very good at) while he was trying to “shoo” them my way.  The cows finally cooperated and Mollie was the last to go in, after she had her fun aggravating us!  I told Greg after all was said and done – get rid of the cows, I am tired of rustling ’em up (see previous post here).  My cowgirl days are DONE!

A little stomped on
A little stomped on



ABC Award


A big shout out to Peace, Love & Great Country Music for being nominated for this award and THANK YOU for nominating me as well.  Now, I have to share something about me using each letter of the alphabet.  I gotta get my thinking cap on……….

Alabama and Aerosmith – I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.  I love both so these bands are two of my favorites.

Bling!  – What can I say, I love my bling.  I tell people the older I get, the gaudier I like it!  I AM the Blinganator!

Chocolate – enough said.

Dancing!   It is a passion of mine and I love dressing up to go out dancing!

Eggs (and okra).  Ok, when I first heard of this combo I thought – YUK!  But they are SO good!

Fruit – I love fruit, I eat it most every day.

Gone with the Wind – one of my all time favorite movies

Hummingbirds – my favorite bird

Ice cream – Orange sherbet and vanilla – perfect combo!

Jewelry – I enjoy making it and definitely wearing it!

Kittens – love ’em

Love – I seem to use that word alot.  I think that is a good thing!

Mowing – I love to mow in the summer.  It is my therapy

Never say never – one of my mottos

Oranges – the Cutie kind are so good

Purple – my favorite color

Q – Q????  Quirky – I think that describes me at times

Red – another one of my favorite colors

Sunrise and sunset – love to watch both

Tacoma, Washington – where I graduated high school

Uh oh – I tend to say this more than I need to

Vince Gill – always thought he had one of the best voices in country music and he still does.  Those blue eyes…………..

Whiskey and 7 -0ne of my favorite adult beverages

X – WHAT?????  I don’t think I use many words that start with X (I will copy Peace and use what she said – xoxo)

Yellow squash – one of my favorite veggies that is growing in our garden

Zapped – how I feel as I am writing this as my allergies have kicked in- ugh (or a word that starts with U!!)

Now, for my nominees:

Ally Allbon

Luke’s Adventures

Peace, Love and Great Country Music (back at ya!)

Cowboys and Crossbones

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Evelina Galli

Seth Snap

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All you gotta do is upload the image to your website, use each letter of the alphabet to share something about you, and nominate a new fellow blogger. It’s a snap (oh a word that starts with S!)