My absolute favorite bird is the hummingbird.  So much so, that years ago I collected anything hummingbird to the point where I had to stop as I had no place to put anything.  I put out my hummingbird feeder last week and saw my first one.  I was sitting on the back porch this evening and one came to the feeder.  Every time I would open my camera to take a photo, it would fly away.  I have come to know where they perch until they can fly down to the feeder and saw this one in the tree above just waiting for the right moment to sneak back to the feeder to get something to eat!  Lately we haven’t had that many birds, but one year I had three feeders out and Greg took a video of them fighting over the food.  I bet we had at least 20 at one feeder!  I love to just sit and watch them!DSC02489


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