Chilifest 2013

Chilifest is a huge event that happens outside of our little town of Snook.  You can read about it here.  Every year, thousands flock to this event, mainly college students.  I heard there was a record breaking crowd this year of 50,000!  This is for a good cause as money goes to many charities in the surrounding area.  But the aftermath is horrendous!  People will bring in furniture and just leave it there and then the trash – it is disgusting!  But within a week everything is back to “normal” and the pasture that is used to hold this event is pretty much cleaned up.  Until next year…….

Here they come!
Here they come!


Guys in shorts and boots - seriously??

The stage for entertainment
The stage for entertainment


What is left behind
What is left behind

After 2

After 3


4 thoughts on “Chilifest 2013

    1. I think now they charge to bring in furniture because there was so much left behind in the past. it is ridiculous and no, it really isn’t fun at all. We actually went one year and it was horrible. I told Greg I will NEVER go back. Now we volunteer and put wristbands on at the front entrance. You see some interesting stuff!

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