ABC Award


A big shout out to Peace, Love & Great Country Music for being nominated for this award and THANK YOU for nominating me as well.  Now, I have to share something about me using each letter of the alphabet.  I gotta get my thinking cap on……….

Alabama and Aerosmith – I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.  I love both so these bands are two of my favorites.

Bling!  – What can I say, I love my bling.  I tell people the older I get, the gaudier I like it!  I AM the Blinganator!

Chocolate – enough said.

Dancing!   It is a passion of mine and I love dressing up to go out dancing!

Eggs (and okra).  Ok, when I first heard of this combo I thought – YUK!  But they are SO good!

Fruit – I love fruit, I eat it most every day.

Gone with the Wind – one of my all time favorite movies

Hummingbirds – my favorite bird

Ice cream – Orange sherbet and vanilla – perfect combo!

Jewelry – I enjoy making it and definitely wearing it!

Kittens – love ’em

Love – I seem to use that word alot.  I think that is a good thing!

Mowing – I love to mow in the summer.  It is my therapy

Never say never – one of my mottos

Oranges – the Cutie kind are so good

Purple – my favorite color

Q – Q????  Quirky – I think that describes me at times

Red – another one of my favorite colors

Sunrise and sunset – love to watch both

Tacoma, Washington – where I graduated high school

Uh oh – I tend to say this more than I need to

Vince Gill – always thought he had one of the best voices in country music and he still does.  Those blue eyes…………..

Whiskey and 7 -0ne of my favorite adult beverages

X – WHAT?????  I don’t think I use many words that start with X (I will copy Peace and use what she said – xoxo)

Yellow squash – one of my favorite veggies that is growing in our garden

Zapped – how I feel as I am writing this as my allergies have kicked in- ugh (or a word that starts with U!!)

Now, for my nominees:

Ally Allbon

Luke’s Adventures

Peace, Love and Great Country Music (back at ya!)

Cowboys and Crossbones

Howling Mad Cat

Texas Cat in New York

Evelina Galli

Seth Snap

Fabulous 50s

All you gotta do is upload the image to your website, use each letter of the alphabet to share something about you, and nominate a new fellow blogger. It’s a snap (oh a word that starts with S!)



2 thoughts on “ABC Award

  1. I can’t believe my eyes, you cranked that out so fast. I feel like an utter shmuck, it took me almost two weeks to do mine! Lol, thanks for the renom, I’m out of things about myself, I may have to embellish this next round.

    1. Oh, it took me a couple days and another blog that I nominated cranked hers out I think the same day or next day! I was nominated for another one and gave up as I couldn’t come up with the stuff!

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