I shoulda been a cowgirl, Part 2

Yesterday evening, after I had already gotten dressed to go dancing (in white jeans), Greg and I were talking about this and thats and he looked up and said “there are cows in our back yard!”.  Mollie was back there too and she can be a real pain in the ass (no pun intended) in getting her to do anything.  Frankly, she is very smart and knows what you want her to do, but she will only do whatever that is on her terms (kinda like a cat!).  Anyway, Greg goes to the barn to get some feed to lure the cows back in to the pasture.  Evidently the gate from our back yard going in to the pasture didn’t get latched properly (note to self – check all gates for proper closure from now on).  Fortunately not all of them had gotten in the yard and some were trying to eat my flowers – NOOOOOOOO!  A couple had gone over to the garden and gotten in it and we weren’t sure what damage was done.  After me trying to coax them back in to the pasture and Greg IN the pasture with the feed, we switched places.  Greg was telling me what I needed to do (which I wasn’t very good at) while he was trying to “shoo” them my way.  The cows finally cooperated and Mollie was the last to go in, after she had her fun aggravating us!  I told Greg after all was said and done – get rid of the cows, I am tired of rustling ’em up (see previous post here).  My cowgirl days are DONE!

A little stomped on
A little stomped on




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