The Stalker

While I was going to the garden to take photos of possible damage done while the cows were in the yard, I noticed Buddy stalking my birds!  He thinks he is hiding in the Texas Sage.  I doubt that he can get them as for one, he is a pretty big cat (ok, he is fat) and the feeder is high up so he can’t jump up there.

Birdy, birdy come to me!
Birdy, birdy come to me!





7 thoughts on “The Stalker

    1. I am hoping Buddy keeps the rabbits at bay so the rabbits don’t get in to my front flower bed and eat everything like they did one year. Buddy is a good cat and very handy to have around!

    1. We have some that will do that too and it is funny to watch the cats. We had one that would run for her life and the other would just sit there, waiting for that bird, so he could attack it!

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