RIP Bear

Anyone who owns an animal or animals knows how hard it is to make that “decision” – when you know your animal is not comfortable or maybe suffering and you need to lay them to rest.  Well, this morning, I had to make that decision.  Bear, our oldest dog (17) has had issues getting up and moving around, due to arthritis, and I had been giving her a prescription medication for the pain and inflammation, but that didn’t seem to work.  This morning there were other things going on and I knew, this was it.  As much as you hate to say goodbye, you know it is the right thing to do to keep your animal from suffering any longer.  Bear was the last of our original dogs to move out here with us and it is so sad to let her go, but at the same time, I am happy that she is no longer in the pain.  She was such a laid back dog that we are sure that is the reason she has lived as long as she has.  She was a GOOD dog, never gave me any problems, never hyper, always calm.  So I say goodbye, Ms. Bear and I will miss you dearly!

Bear posted 5-3-13


6 thoughts on “RIP Bear

  1. Bless all of you…What a precious picture…My heart sank for you when I read your post…it is truly heart breaking…BIG hugs and love sent your way!!!!

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