Mowing Mishap

So, to give you a background on how I mow –because it is so hot out, I normally wear a bikini top and maybe even the bikini bottoms.  This is also how I get my tan on!  I always carry a cover up of some kind just in case someone should drive up (which, has happened and I was so embarrassed to be so exposed!).  I also have a towel on the seat and draped just enough over the back of the seat as to not get in anything.  Well, yesterday I was happily mowing along and all of a sudden heard this loud POP!  I stopped and on the ground was my cover up along with the fan cover!  Evidently, I wasn’t careful enough and my cover up got snagged in the fan and it ripped off the fan cover and shredded the top of my cover up.  Plus (and this is the weird part), the oil dip stick is gone too.  I looked all over for that thinking it got flung by the cover up somewhere in the woods, but I never found it.  So, the solution to that problem (as you can’t mow without that cover, oil spray goes everywhere, which I experienced while driving the mower back to the house), is to use a piece of plastic wrap to cover the hole and then rubber band it as tight as you can.  I haven’t started the mower since doing this so not sure if this will work.  Poor Greg, what he has to put up with from his dingy wife!

Shredded cover up and no fan cover
No fan cover
What it is supposed to look like
What it is supposed to look like


Fan cover and shredded cover up

Fan cover and shredded cover up

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