Inspirational Quotes

I follow several other blogs and today, I received notification of a posting from Strong Blogs.  I particularly liked the posting today under the category of Inspiration – 37 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life.  My ultimate favorite is – “Life is like photography — you need the negatives to develop”.  I LOVE this quote!  I truly believe we grow and get stronger by the “obstacles” that are put in our path.   If you have never read “Who Moved my Cheese”, I highly recommend that you read this short book, it is one of my favorites and honestly, I don’t read many books.  That has just never been my thing.  But this book is a must have.  It talks about overcoming obstacles and going past them.  I know in my life I have hit several hurdles and learned to go over them and I am a stronger person because of those hurdles.  Life teaches us many lessons, we are always in the classroom!


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