Remi and Dove Hunting

Remi absolutely LOVES to go hunting with Greg.  And on the other hand, Roscoe doesn’t get to go as he is not a hunting dog.  This morning, Greg takes Remi dove hunting and after I got up, I went outside looking for Roscoe.  He was nowhere to be seen.  I walked down to the end of our drive and looked down the road and there he was – laying in the road looking in the direction of where Greg and Remi went.  Almost made me cry!  I called and clapped my hands for him and he came running.  Poor Roscoe!

A fabulous photo of Remi just waiting – and waiting – and…..


Come on birds, I am waiting for you!
Come on birds, I am waiting for you!



Are You Smarter than a Smartphone??

I have been wanting to upgrade to a new Smartphone as my phone that I had is an antique according to today’s phones.  I am not on a contract with any provider and three years ago decided to go with one of the “pay as you go” type of plans.  A couple weeks ago I bought the phone that I liked (using the same pay as you go provider that I had) and next thing to do was to activate it, which according to the directions, could be done via the website.  Well, that wasn’t able to happen so I had to call and get help.  This is where the nighmare began!  To make a LONG story short, after spending two days and hours on the phone with various people,  I was told 1) I could not keep my old phone number and 2) the phone couldn’t be activated as the store didn’t properly swipe it (I didn’t believe either of those answers).  I could either take the phone back, get a new one and then call back or fax some info to them and then I would get a call and I guess the phone could be activated at that time.  I said TO HECK WITH THAT!!!  I took the phone back, got a refund and decided it was time to go with someone else.  I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life!!

So I did a little more research and found who I wanted to go with and the phone I wanted.  Yesterday I went to the store (you actually get to speak to live people!!) and got the process started.  I actually ended up spending TWO hours there as transferring the number was the big issue (I blame the other company for that).  The young lady that helped me was very helpful and knowledgeable, even though she was new and if she didn’t have an answer, she would go to her manager and find out that answer for me.  I came home a happy camper.

I chose the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows 8 based phone.  I have never used Windows 8 but it is not hard to figure out.  Plus I got my handy dandy instruction booklet and Quick Guide to help out (I HATE reading directions, but at least the booket isn’t a gazillion pages long!).  And I was sent tutorials via email and those helped as well.  My contacts were already transferred so that was a huge benefit.  I have already figured out how to use the camera and where my photos are and how to text – two most important things, right?  Still got more to learn, but I am pretty quick learning new things, especially when it comes to programs and such.  And Google is my best friend!

So, the answer to the title of this blog is YES!  I am smarter than a Smartphone (or at least as smart!!)



Roscoe as my background photo!
Roscoe as my background photo!



We got over 2 inches of rain since early this morning and it is very much needed.  I don’t remember the last time we got a significant amount.  I decided to go out on the back porch and drink a glass of Merlot in one of my new camo wine glasses that I ordered online.  The temp was fantastic – 75 degrees!!!  Perfect drinking weather!







Ahhhh - I love rain!
Ahhhh – I love rain!

What is this Wet Stuff??

We have not gotten any significant amount of rain in quite some time, but today and tomorrow there is a really good chance of some.  We got our 40% today!  Bigger chance predicted tomorrow – sure hope we get it!


Wild Game

A friend of ours, who goes hunting in exotic places, gave us some ground Nilgai.  I had never heard of this before and was’t sure if I even wanted to eat it, but Greg mixed it with some pan sausage and then grilled it.  It was good!.  There was no hint of wildness in it whatsoever.  See the definition of Nilgai here.  Also had some corn on the cob and fresh black eyed peas that some other friends had grown and given us.  This was a meal fit for a King!



Addition to new flavor

Got the bright idea this morning after adding a banana to my morning fruit salad that maybe one of these would taste good in the new Bluebell flavor – Chocolate with Peanut Butter.  Well, it was!  You can’t eat too much of this flavor as it is very rich (but very good!)

Choc and peanut butter

Guardian of the Hummingbirds

Yesterday, Roscoe was laying under one of the feeders on the back porch and he was watching the hummers.  His head was just round and round as they don’t stay still long!  This morning, he was on the rocking chair again as the hummers fed.  I counted about 15 this morning at the feeder.  I had to refill one of them, but there are less of them as I write this.



This one looked like it was about to pop – it was pretty fat!




Uh oh - busted!
Uh oh – busted!