Happy Birthday….

To ME!!!  Da da da da da da da da – Today is my Birthday – Happy Birthday to Me!!  My sweet hubby brought these beautiful roses to me last night so I could enjoy them all day today.  And the best birthday gift of all. HE SHAVED OFF HIS GOATEE FOR ME!  When we first met, he just had the moustache and then a few short months later grew this goatee, which I liked, but wanted to see more of his handsome face.  He has such a beautiful smile and the goatee hid that.  I had also asked him to shave his moustache which he has had for I think over 40 years as I have never seen him without one (I don’t even think in photos), but I think that was like asking him to cut off a limb for me.  I am very happy with the goatee gone.




6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday….

      1. Thank you! He is fine. He did make a comment that deer season is coming up and he would need to be disguised. Told him he had to wait a little while to grow it back. He looks SO good without that thing!

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