Potted Dog

This morning, when I was opening windows before exercising, I noticed the dirt in the pot on the front porch had been “dug out” and some was on the porch.  My first reaction was Roscoe had taken out the potato vine that I had in there, but that was gone a while back.  Then I thought it could be frogs as they like to get in flower pots.  A few hours later I was sitting at my computer, which is in the dining room (which looks out over the front porch where the pot is) and Roscoe was sitting in the pot!  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I have never in my life seen a dog sitting in a plant pot (cats yes, but not dogs).  Guess there is a first for everything.




3 thoughts on “Potted Dog

    1. Our other dog Remi, likes to sit in a galvanized bucket full of water we have in the dog pen. When I would pen her up she would get in that and just bark!

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