The Kleptomaniac

My name is Remi and I am a kleptomaniac!  Occasionally when we go out to the garage in the mornings, there will be something out there that isn’t ours.  We are certain she is going down the road to one of the neighboring properties and bringing back whatever she can.  One time, it was a huge dog bowl with beans in it – yes, the beans were still in it!  I would love to have a picture of her carrying whatever is in her mouth as it couldn’t be that easy because we live in the country, and we are not that close to neighbors.  To give you a picture of determination in her, one time we left our barn door open and she drug a 50 pound bag of range cubes out of the building!  Talk about strong jaws!!

Did I do that??
Did I do that??



This weighs 5 pounds!
This weighs 5 pounds and was almost full!

Here You Come Again

Another round of freezing rain/sleet!  This winter has certainly been the coldest and longest one in a long time!  This weekend is supposed to be in the 70s!  Yep, we are in Texas!


Snow is still around at the end of the day

I went out around 4:30 to refill the bird feeder.  There were icycles hanging off of the bird feeder.  Then went over to check and see how much “rain” we got from the day before and it was still frozen as well.  It never got over 34F today!  Tried to take a shot of the wheelbarrow with snow and Roscoe decided he wanted to jump up in it (he was looking up the tree for a squirrel!).  Finally got a shot without him in it!






It doesn’t snow very often in our part of Texas, normally about one or maybe two times a year in January or February (one year I think it snowed in March!).  Schools and businesses start late in the morning as people around here don’t know how to drive on the ice or snow.  I remember the days when I lived up north when it would snow so much and roads were icy, school would close for the day, or maybe even a couple days – I loved hearing that news!







We be warm!
We be warm!

God’s Work

I was sitting at my computer and happened to look out the window and noticed the most stunning sunset.  I think this is the prettiest sunset I have seen in a very long time.



We Are Ready!

Some pretty cold weather is predicted for the next couple days.  Not nearly as cold as some parts of the U. S. for for us, cold and possibly some snow/sleet.  Greg and I stacked more wood on the back porch and in the house so we can keep the wood stove burning.  I love a fire going when it is really cold outside!





Gotta have a good breakfast to start the day and especially, if you are doing stuff outdoors!  Greg cooked breakfast this morning – scrambled eggs, biscuits and sausage.  It was SO good.  It was such a beautiful day today, that later, I got out and washed my car and “detailed” it – vacuumed the inside and made it “purty” again!


Breakfast 1-18-14

Remi Gets a Bath!

Remi got to the point where I didn’t want to touch her she smelled so bad.  For some reason, she is just a smelly dog.  I know dogs smell, but she is an exception to me.  So today it was such a beautiful day that I decided to give her a bath.  She really is easy to bathe, she cooperates very well and afterwards looks SO pretty!  Her fur is curly when it is wet and she is so shiny when she is dry.  It has been a beautiful, productive day so I rewarded myself with a Cran*BRRR*Rita.  If you like cranberry and margaritas (like I do!), you will like these.  I like the Lime-a-Rita too.

The preparation!
The preparation!
Oh no, not a bath!
Oh no, not a bath – I don’t stink!


Shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake


Shake my booty!
Shake my booty!


Did I do that????
Did I do that????


Ain't I purty!
Ain’t I purty!