It doesn’t snow very often in our part of Texas, normally about one or maybe two times a year in January or February (one year I think it snowed in March!).  Schools and businesses start late in the morning as people around here don’t know how to drive on the ice or snow.  I remember the days when I lived up north when it would snow so much and roads were icy, school would close for the day, or maybe even a couple days – I loved hearing that news!







We be warm!
We be warm!

5 thoughts on “Snow!

    1. We LOVE our hot tub. Every day after my shower, I put on this lotion called Queen Helene, you an get it at Wal-Mart. It comes in a very large bottle and I go through I bet 2-3 a year if not more. It is really good stuff and keeps the skin from being so dry!

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