The Kleptomaniac

My name is Remi and I am a kleptomaniac!  Occasionally when we go out to the garage in the mornings, there will be something out there that isn’t ours.  We are certain she is going down the road to one of the neighboring properties and bringing back whatever she can.  One time, it was a huge dog bowl with beans in it – yes, the beans were still in it!  I would love to have a picture of her carrying whatever is in her mouth as it couldn’t be that easy because we live in the country, and we are not that close to neighbors.  To give you a picture of determination in her, one time we left our barn door open and she drug a 50 pound bag of range cubes out of the building!  Talk about strong jaws!!

Did I do that??
Did I do that??



This weighs 5 pounds!
This weighs 5 pounds and was almost full!

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