And the Reward Goes To……

ME!  I worked in flower beds again today.  It has been an absolutely stunning day, sunny, cool and no clouds in the sky!  I love days like that.  Makes yard works a lot easier in my opinion.  I think I have just a few weeds to pull in the front flower beds and they are ALL done – thank goodness.  I actually counted how many beds I have – 12!  Ten too many!  I used to have more than that and then decided to pull some up.  What was I thinking when I created all these beds.  Someone (moi) has to weed them!




Destructo Strikes Again!

Was going out the back to do MORE weeding in the flower beds and noticed something torn up all over the ground.  Of course I knew who the culprit was – Destructo (aka Roscoe).  The only comment I make when this happens is “DOG”!  Not sure where he found what used to be a glove (it was Greg’s).  But how can you stay mad at this face!



IMG_20140222_121437632 smaller
But I “woof” you

Sweet Potato Cake?

Every once in a while, Greg gets an itch to create some kind of dessert concoction.  Now I do that with savory foods, but Greg is really good at doing this for sweet stuff.  He found a can of yams and then went from there with some cream cheese and honestly, I don’t know what all (I am thinking either oatmeal or Malt O’ Meal is involved as that quite often is!).  This cake turned out really good!  One of our common back and forth conversations will go like this – Did you write down the recipe?  Nope.  Then how are you going to know how to make it next time?





Welcome to the Jungle

The weather the past few days has been very mild for our part of Texas.  We did have another “cold” front come through last night and temps were in the low 40s this morning, where for the past week, they have been in the low 60s!  It was such a beautiful day today that I decided to get out and tackle some of the weeds in or around the flower beds.  The weeds got pretty thick, so much so you could barely see one end of one of my beds.  Mission Accomplished – all the weeds are gone from three of my flower beds but I have quite a bit more to do.  One of our apple trees is blooming and they are so pretty with the pink blooms.  I am done for the day, my back is starting to hurt and the older I get, I don’t push myself like I used to – I hurt – I quit!  It will be hot tub time tonight with an adult beverage to soothe my achy back!



What a jungle - will do this one later!
What a jungle – will do this one later!
Apple tree in bloom
Apple tree in bloom


Our Valentine’s

Every year, rather than battle the crowds in restaurants, I make a nice dinner for Valentine’s.  I really do like to come up with something special and different that I probably wouldn’t make any other time (unless it is a really good recipe like this one is).  I found this Paula Deen recipe a few years ago called Spicy Shrimp Pasta.  It is devine!  I also made a slaw from store bought slaw mix but I made my own dressing using mayo, mustard, honey, salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and a little milk.  I will definitely make that again.  Then for dessert it was Red Velvet cake with the new Hershey’s chocolate spread with almonds and homemade whipped cream.  My sweetie got me one of my favorite scents of candles – orange and vanilla.  Smells like a Creamcycle!

Preparing the table
Preparing the table









Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me??


Greg forgot to call me and let me know a friend of ours found the feed on the road and put it in our driveway.  Still, Remi and Roscoe must have found it and tried to tear open the bag.  At least that crazy dog didn’t haul it from the neighbors (although she has gotten a 50 pound bag of fish food and drug it out of our barn!).

Walked down to the mailbox to check the mail and we have a front gate that stays closed until I get the mail in the afternoons.  I noticed something outside the gate and thought the mail person had a box and just left it on the side of the drive.  Good Lord!  It was a 50 pound bag of cattle cubes!!  It was not in the road or on the side of the road, but in our entryway on the side of the drive.  I am thinking, Remi the Klepto did NOT go down to the neighbors and drag this 50 pound bag this far!  The ONLY other explanation is I heard a truck with a trailer going down the road (the trailer must have been empty as it was loud and our road is not paved), and maybe they were carrying feed and one fell off??  I did see Roscoe going to the front earlier and could have have possibly drug it where it was.  I don’t know, but I think some dogs are going to be staying in the “bad corner” aka their pen for a while!  It is in the back of my car as I KNEW Remi would be down there eating it till she got sick!


Happy Valentine’s to YOU!

The beginning stage of what dessert will be (Red Velvet cake with chocolate/almond spread and homemade whipped cream!).  Hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day, whatever you do and whomever you share it with!


Klepto and Destructo Strike Again!

I was going outside to see the dogs to wish them Happy Valentine’s Day (yeah, I love my dogs) and discovered Roscoe aka Destructo had done it again!  He destroyed a box that I had in the garbage can in the garage.  Last week, Remi aka Klepto came home with this huge scoop that evidently was used for horse feed.  I feel like the mom whose school calls all the time to tell me my kids are in trouble again – sighs!





Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But the snow is so delightful,

And as long as I have known,

It rarely snows, rarely snows, rarely snows!

Twice in one season that is!  The weather forecaster said it wouldn’t stick either – HA!  Fooled him!








And the dogs are all snuggled, asleep in their bed while visions of Summer dance through their head.  I am ready for Spring!!