Klepto and Destructo!

New super hero names?  No, the new nicknames of our dogs Remi (Klepto) and Roscoe (Destructo).  Greg went out this morning to start up the pit and found the pizza box from last night in the yard along with other torn up pieces of paper that WERE in the garbage in the garage.  I should know better, this happens 9 times out of 10 that Roscoe is going to get in the garbage and have it all in the yard.  So, we have a dog that steals and one that destroys and Greg came up with the names – Klepto and Destructo!  Klepto has jaws of steel, she can carry heavy objects in her mouth for long distances.  Destructo can shred objects in seconds, leaving them to be distributed in the wind.  I told Greg this is like raising kids all over again.  I think K&D need to go to time out!

Down the driveway I go
Down the driveway I go


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