Welcome to the Jungle

The weather the past few days has been very mild for our part of Texas.  We did have another “cold” front come through last night and temps were in the low 40s this morning, where for the past week, they have been in the low 60s!  It was such a beautiful day today that I decided to get out and tackle some of the weeds in or around the flower beds.  The weeds got pretty thick, so much so you could barely see one end of one of my beds.  Mission Accomplished – all the weeds are gone from three of my flower beds but I have quite a bit more to do.  One of our apple trees is blooming and they are so pretty with the pink blooms.  I am done for the day, my back is starting to hurt and the older I get, I don’t push myself like I used to – I hurt – I quit!  It will be hot tub time tonight with an adult beverage to soothe my achy back!



What a jungle - will do this one later!
What a jungle – will do this one later!
Apple tree in bloom
Apple tree in bloom



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