My Blinging Acquisition

A friend and I went to Conroe, a suburb of Houston last week to shop.  We used to go once a month, but that had to stop as I was spending too much money!  So we stopped at Sam Moon, one of the stores we always go to when there and headed to the shoes and clothing entrance.  After looking around a while, I spotted some shoes that I fell in love with.  Another lady was eyeing the same shoe and as it turns out, this pair was the ONLY pair of this style left!  She grabbed them and tried them on but put them back on the shelf.  They were a 1/2 size smaller than what I wear so I asked the sales lady if there were any more in the back and she said no, that style sold out fast.  Well, the next day I decided to look on Amazon to see if they had that shoe and they did – so I ordered them.  I got them in today.  These will look good coming AND going!  and the best part is these were cheaper, including the shipping, than they were at Sam Moon – bling it on!!






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