Rest in Peace Roscoe

Roscoe was one of the most active dogs I think we have ever had – always full of life, loved to run and stalk squirrels and play with Remi.  Tuesday evening he running around like he always did and yesterday afternoon, couldn’t move.  I took him to the vet yesterday afternoon and this morning the vet called and said he was totally paralyzed.  Several thoughts as to how this could have happened, but none conclusive.  Greg just called and said our vet called him to let him know that he passed away.  I am certainly going to miss Mr. Roscoe P. Coltrane (my nickname for him), my protector, my friend, but most importantly, part of the family!



Roscoe and his catch of the day
Roscoe and his catch of the day


IMG_20140222_121437632 smaller


7 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Roscoe

    1. Sad is too we had him only 11 months and he was maybe 3 years old? I think Remi will really miss her buddy – no one to bite on her back leg now 😦

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