My DIY Project This Weekend

I am changing colors in our bedroom as I am just plain tired of what is in there now – dark reds and gold/browns.  Our new colors are going to be taupe and aqua!  I ordered a taupe chenille bedspread a while back and haven’t put it on the bed yet.  This past week I got material to reupholster the bench at the end of the bed and my vanity chair.  I am very pleased with the way they came out.  This is not my first time to reupholster something, I have done a couch, rocking chair and other home items in the past  I used the right side for the bench and then the “wrong” side for the chair.  I liked both sides so wanted to be different (not that it matters to anyone but me).  I have been looking for new towels, rugs and curtains for the bathroom but nothing yet has screamed “take me home!”  In my opinion, the hard part is done.






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