*&^% OUCH!!!!

I was in the garage reaching for a garbage bag, which was in a box on some shelves and felt a sting.  I saw either a wasp or yellow jacket fly off, couldn’t tell what it was.  I immediately went inside to take a Benedryl and then I read somewhere to put a penny over the sting and that will help with the stinging sensation.  It really did!  Now my finger is really swelling up so I am thinking it was a yellow jacket as with wasps, I get a welt and that is all.  I HATE yellow jackets!!!!!!

DSC03424 edit

The sting!
The sting!



Opposites Attract

This morning I looked out the back window and Buddy and Remi were asleep in opposite directions on the porch.  Buddy spends a lot of time with us now and snuggles up to Remi quite a bit.  He loves some Remi!!


I Wanna Go Too!

Soon, we are taking a little trip out of town and I put my suitcase on the floor in our bedroom so I can “chunk” things in it as I think of what I want to take.  I walked in yesterday and Tabitha was sitting in the suitcase!  This cat loves to climb in things such as my suitcase and empty boxes!




Do You Know What This Is??

If I had to guess, I would not get it right.  Greg grew some this year and the first time I saw it, I asked “what is it??”.  It is a Kohlrabi.  See full description here on Wikipedia.   To me, they taste like a mild radish, actually very tasty.  They can be cooked too, although I am not sure how.  These would be good in a salad raw.  Guess I will have to experiment with cooking some as well.



Peeled and sliced
Peeled and sliced

And the Cowboy Rides Away

My husband went to the very last George Strait concert this past weekend with his daughter, who surprised her father with the tickets.  Greg said it was better than he expected and George played for 3 hours along with the other guests.  The souvenir T-shirt that his daughter bought for him.  I told him he doesn’t have to wear it, but this is priceless!





Ominous – and Then the Rain Came!

I mowed AGAIN today, I swear the grass grew 6″ from last week.  Got out early as rain was predicted.  Got done and was sitting on my back porch, it was very calm and the sky was getting darker.  All of a sudden the wind shifted and they got really gusty and cool!  It started raining maybe 30 minutes after that and we got another 1/2″!!  I will be mowing again in a few days, but that’s ok, this gal LOVES to mow!  I love when everything is so green and pretty.






Another "hair cut" for the yard!
Another “hair cut” for the yard!
My Moon flowers growing up the ladder.
My Moon flowers growing up the ladder.
Passion vine growing up the tree
Passion vine growing up the tree
So frilly and pretty!
So frilly and pretty!



Passion Vine pods
Passion Vine pods

My New Ride!

After all the rain we had last week (over 5″!), it is time to cut the grass and I get to use my new mower that we bought over the Labor Day weekend.  I basically wore out the old one (it still works though) and this one has a wider deck.   I love mowing!



Where Did May Go?

When you were little, wasn’t it that you couldn’t wait for Christmas, your birthday or to be a certain age?  Geez, now that I am older, I sure wish time would slow down.  I can’t believe we are already in June!  And that means summer is almost here.  Actually it feels like summer here, temps are reaching around 90-91 – ugh!!  I was out weed eating and doing some weeding in the flower beds after all the rain we had last week.  Tomorrow is mowing day (on my NEW mower!!).  So to reward myself tonight for all my hard work – Cheers to June!!