Where Did May Go?

When you were little, wasn’t it that you couldn’t wait for Christmas, your birthday or to be a certain age?  Geez, now that I am older, I sure wish time would slow down.  I can’t believe we are already in June!  And that means summer is almost here.  Actually it feels like summer here, temps are reaching around 90-91 – ugh!!  I was out weed eating and doing some weeding in the flower beds after all the rain we had last week.  Tomorrow is mowing day (on my NEW mower!!).  So to reward myself tonight for all my hard work – Cheers to June!!


4 thoughts on “Where Did May Go?

  1. One of the dumb movie channels was showing Christmas movies last week and I’m already getting Christmas magazines hawking great deals on paper, ribbon and bows. I would love to tell them where they can shove all of it.

    1. Yeah, seems stores put out Christmas stuff earlier and earlier each year – ridiculous. I think it could at least wait until August!

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