My New Ride!

After all the rain we had last week (over 5″!), it is time to cut the grass and I get to use my new mower that we bought over the Labor Day weekend.  I basically wore out the old one (it still works though) and this one has a wider deck.   I love mowing!




10 thoughts on “My New Ride!

  1. I’d love to have one of those. I have a cub cadet lt1042, but it’s slow and the turning radius isn’t that great. how is it to maneuver with those sticks instead of a wheel?

    1. Oh gosh, the wheel was too hard for me to turn, although I think they have come out with some now that are easier to maneuver. The levers are so much better in my opinion!

    1. We had a mower just like this one, except with smaller deck, so it didn’t cut as wide. If you have a lot of area to mow, the zero turn is the way to go!

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